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2003-09-17 - 21:22

A change would do you good...

Ahh... we were just lookin' back on some of our old surveys. Made us laugh, usually at the stuff that Jack typed. Y'know, we might start typin' like this from now on, dawg. Just 'cuz it flows better for us this way. But don't worry, we'll still add dialouge every now and again, when we hold conversations amongst ourselves. 'Til then, you're just gonna have to figure out which one of us is talking... er, typing. Sometimes not even we know!

Well, besides that changing, there are other changes to this diary too. For one, our diagnosis has changed. We've discovered that, contrary to popular belief, we are NOT schizophrenic. We have DID, or Disassociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as MPD, Multiple Personality Disorder. Yeah... we don't have a professional to back that up, but we're highly suspicious. Our family knows now, and our mom's gonna take us to see a psycho-therapist or maybe a psychologist. We're not sure when, though.

We're pretty much treating ourselves, 'cause we don't have any money for a shrink now. Grizzly's read books on mental disorders, and that's how we came up with our self-diagnosis. Surprisingly, we've found out that DID is not as uncommon as psychologists used to think. I've even found books written by people with this stuff (like the New York Bestseller "When Rabbit Howls" by The Troops). I dunno, it's creepy for me, sometimes, to acknowledge the fact that I'm us. Are we making sense?

Anyhow, another thing that we've changed, actually discovered over these past few months when we didn't update this thing, is our roles in the Human GS. They are as follows:

PIOJO is the protector. He is not really evil (though he likes people to believe so), but he is very stoic. It is his job to protect the rest of the Clan from all harm, much as he stated in his introductory entry. Gis and Jack, being the most vunerable ones, are the ones closest to him.

GIS is past, the inner child. No, she's not GS's sense of innocence, like we first thought. She is, however, very vunerable to outside forces and is therefore hardly allowed to interact with other physical people.

JACK is the true essence of innocence. That's right. He's still an alien, though, and he still is a bit... silly. OK, he's stupid. But that's just because he's naive and is full of innocent joy.

BB is gentle, motherly instinct. She loves her animals because she sees them not as animals or pets, but as children. She is caring and understanding.

NINJA is fury, musical rage. He has a short fuse and likes to race cars. He vents his anger in only three ways: he either rants (through rap or heavy music), he destroys (with brass knuckles and fists), or he speeds (in the car, against other cars). Yeah... he likes to beat people up.

GRIZZLY is responsability, determination and investigation. He is probably the most intelligent of all the Clan and puts his knowledge to good use. He is the "curious seeker" of the group, the detective and reporter.

SVLVZVR is casual and carefree artistic expression. He's very suave and cool in his demeanor, but he is also a perfectionest.

YANG is masculine mystery. He likes to smoke and keeps pretty much to himself.

POLLA is feminine sultry essence. That doesn't mean she's a slut! She's actually quite the romantic, quixotic type, and thus often clashes with Yang, who is all hormones.

MOCO es orgullo y familia, roots and heritage. He has a great sense of pride and respect for all things cultural.

THE PROPHET is our soul. There's really not much we can add to that.

That is all.

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