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2003-11-03 - 18:39

ToO mAnY mOuThS, nOt NeArLy EnOuGh

Man, we really need to work on our people skillz, dawg. We suck at communicating with others. Here's an example:

Today in history class, we met a girl. We'll call her Olive, 'cause that's her name. Well, Olive was nice enough to put up with us while we yakked the hours away. I know we didn't make much sense. 'Cuz we were all talking at the same time, or trying to, anyway.

Grizzly introduced himself, and then became extremely shy, laughing nervously at intervals. But Polla just kept blabbing on in her "Oh, girl..." manner without taking any notice of this. Then Jack kept saying stupid stuff, and Ninja cussed fluently as if it were a language all its own. To top things off, we were hungry, so the guys acted as such. Into all this incoherent babble came BB's gentle motherly tone and Moco's protectiveness and pride for his family. Yang tried to flirt (oh, God!) and SVL was being his coolly suave self. Only Gis, Piojo and Prophet remained silent: the little one nibbling quietly on the chocolate chip cookie Olivia offered, Piojo fuming at our cheap attempts at bonding with another human being, and Prophet trying to keep the hermit from lashing out with some rude comment or another. Judging by the puzzled looks we got from our poor classmate, I'm surprised we didn't drive her crazy by the time we left!

So, we've got work to do.

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