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2003-11-24 - 20:26

the urine crisis

JACK: Pee! Pee! Jack has to PEE!!!!!!

NINJA: Jeezus, dawg! Hold that shit in!

JACK (squirming): Jack is not a dog, Jack is Zorginian! And Jack does not have shit to hold in; Jack wants to PEE!!! Not shit, PEEEEEE!!!!!!!

NINJA: Oh, God...

BB: What's going on? *Looks at Jack, who is tying and twisting his tentacles into knots* What's wrong with Jack?

NINJA: He's gotta take a piss.

BB: Oh. Then why don't you just go, Jack?

JACK: Jack can't go, BB! The restroom is dirty!

NINJA: So don't sit on the seat.

JACK: No, Ninja, there is a lady in the restroom because it is dirty.

NINJA: Huh? Why would she be in there if it's dirty?

JACK: The lady is cleaning it. Now Jack has to wait! But Jack can't wait! Jack has to pee!

NINJA: Oh. Tough break, pal.

BB: You should look for another restroom, Jack. If you hold in your pee, you might get kidney stones!

*Jack begins to wail and cry*

NINJA: Aw, what's wrong now?


NINJA (glaring at BB): See what you did?!

*BB grinns sheepishly*

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