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2003-12-01 - 21:27

Quoth the Ninja: "Word!"

SVLVZVR: There is something totally the fuck wrong with this server thing tonight.

NINJA: Word!

SVLVZVR: It's frozen up or something.

NINJA: Word!

SVLVZVR: I'm not sure if it's the server itself or just the damn university computers.

NINJA: Word!

SVLVZVR: Will you shut up? Can't you say anything else?

NINJA: Word!

BB: I think he's frozen up too!

NINJA: Word!

JACK: Then give him a jacket!

NINJA: Word!

SVLVZVR: Shut up!!!


NINJA: Word!

JACK: Is SVL telling Jack to shut up? Jack will vaporize you!!!!!

NINJA: Word!

SVLVZVR (muttering): Aw, what's the use? I bet this won't even show up on our diary. Damn computer will erase it again.

NINJA: Word!

SVLVZVR: Ok, will someone just shut him up?!

BB: How?

GRIZZLY: Put something in his mouth?

SVLVZVR: Like what?

NINJA: Word!

JACK: No, Ninja, not word in the mouth. We are trying to get the word out of the mouth!

MOCO: Si, pa' que te calles el hocico!

NINJA: Word!

SVLVZVR: Aw, fuck this shit! I can't stand it! He's never gonna shut up! I'm going to the living room!

POLLA: Wait for us!

*SVL exits the closet, followed by apparantly everyone... except Ninja. There is silence for a while as the Clan retreats.*

NINJA (grinning): Man, it's about time they left!

*Yang slipps out from under the bed, grinning also, and lights a cigarrette.*

NINJA:Yo, dawg! I thought they'd never leave! But at least your plan worked in the end.

YANG: Word!

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