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2004-01-15 - 17:29

a crappy explanation


Dwag, right now, we was just sittin' there, typin' up an entry for our berkinix diary at the library computers, mindin' our own shit, when WHAM! speakin' of shit, we gotta take one. BAD! So we had to stop typin', n' go take a crap. And we've got the runs or somethin' cuz my gut was all churnin' n' shit... So we gotta run downstairs - (BB: I swear I could feel everything just come out a little with each step!) and then run to the restroom. There was someone in there. Aw, man! I wouldn't'a given a crap, but the girls get all squeamish if I really just let 'er rip while there's someone in the next stall. And then I could feel it was really gonna stink up the place, y'know? So we sit in a stall, and wait.

Aw, god, I wanted to die! How long does it take someone to take a piss, dawg?! But this person took for fuckin' ever, and then had to stop and wash up. Since when the fuck do people wash up after they use the can?!

POLLA: Hey! I do!

NINJA: Yeah, but we all know you're weird. And anyway, shut up, shorty, I'm tryin' to explain here!

Right. So that person finally gets their ass outta there... just as another walks in. That's when I was like 'Fuck it, I gotta go.' So I went. The girls made me try and keep the smell to ourselves by tryin' to make our ass take up the whole seat, and then coverin' up the front with BB's overall flap-thing. Then we took our crap, and we felt better. Anyhow, that is why we interrupted the berkinix entry. The end.

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