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2004-02-18 - 20:46

i'm a crimminal

I can kill approximately 10 people per second. Piojo is thrilled, but knows we could do better. I should call my father, but he's being an ass lately, and honestly, I ain't in the mood to put up with his bullshit. Maybe tomorrow.

Jack complains now because one of his tentacles hurts from killing all those people. We crack our knuckles, but it doesn't really help. BB thinks we should eat something, 'cause we're feeling kinda lousy. Aw, let's face it: we feel like crap. Killing people made us feel a little better, but not much. Dud is coming home for Spring Break and the house is filthy. She'll probably bitch when she sees the mess.

My stomach knaws at our insides. We better go. It's a long drive home in the lonely dark...

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