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2004-03-17 - 18:41

el antojo

*A few days back...*

NINJA: Y'know what I be cravin', dawg? Chocolate milk. Mmmm...

POLLA: Chocolate milk? *wrinkles her nose* How about strawberry yogurt instead? *walks to fridge and gets out some Lala fruit yogurt* Yum! Oh, this is so delicious!

NINJA: But I don't want yogurt! I just want -

*Polla puts a spoonful of yogurt into Ninja's mouth*

POLLA: Isn't it great?

NINJA: It's alright, but I wanted -

MOCO: Ooo, mira! �Higado encebollado! This is what I call food! *crams some into his mouth* �Ay Dios! �Esto s� esta bueno!

NINJA: A'ight, kewl. Now wash that shit down wit' some chocolate milk!

JACK: Milk? Why does Ninja want to put chocolate in the milk? The milk doesn't need it! Here, try some!

NINJA: Yeah, milk by itself is alright, but I want chocolate milk!

POIJO: Quit being such a pussy.

NINJA: Fuck you, dwag. *looks around at other members of the Clan* Man, this is what blows about sharin' the same body, dawg! Stop hoggin' GS's gutt, people! I WANT CHOCOLATE MILK!!

JACK: But Jack is already drinking milk with cookies! And they are chocolate chip cookies! That is chocolate and milk together!

NINJA: It ain't the same! Now get outta the damn kitchen an' let me grab a bite!

POLLA: Fine. I'm done already anyway.

MOCO: Yo tambien.

*Ninja walks over the the refrigerator, stuffed from the food the others already ate*

NINJA (muttering): Man, this sucks. I ain't even hungry no more...

*But he had his chocolate milk, and because of that, we got the runs later on that evening*

NINJA: What?! An' y'all are blamin' ME for that?! Shit...

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