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09 July 2012 - 02:47

SVL @ POLLA: You stupid bitch! What did you click?! POLLA @ SVL: Oh, shut up!

SVL: I friggin' love DMFA. I love that comic's creator, Amber Williams. Her artwork's great. It's not perfect (her proportions are usually spot-on, but her poses can be a bit awkward - just like the spelling of this word) but her style is still so free. Seriously, I envy her work. Plus she knows PhotoShop, which I've never even seen, let alone used. And yet it turns out that her greatest bane (self-proclaimed, I ain't judging her work on this) is the same as mine: backgrounds.

Gah, it is by far the subject I struggle with the most, hand-in-hand with perspective. For me, those two are one and the same, by the way. Can't create a decent background if you can't nail your angles and vanishing points. They kill me. KILL. ME. So of course it's the section of my work I put the most effort into. And time. Good Lord, the time! I've been falling behind on my T.I.N.C. project because of one damn panel. Grizzler suggested maybe I scrap the original concept and try a different angle for it, but I refused outright. This panel needs to be 2-point perspective to make the scene work to its fullest, have the greatest impact. I just wish I had Amber's balls and creative flair to just wing it and keep going... but I'm too much of a perfectionist. I'm vain, and want to be able to take pride in my work. I want every single page to be a demonstration of my very best work, better than the one before it, and every panel within that page better than its predecesor as well. But at this rate, �ngel will be 20 before I finish this one chapter. It's just that Grizzler got out a lot more than I did back in the day, back in highschool, and thus got to practice his craft a lot more. Thus we became a much better writer than we are an artist. But I wanna catch up. Maybe we're just too old now, and missed our chance.

No, I won't let ourself think that way. It's just that Scott McCloud said to not think of backgrounds as mere backdrops for our characters, but living worlds with which our characters interact. The land where they dream, breathe, fall in love. Dammit all, the least I can do is try.

POLLA: You jerk! You hogged up all the time we had to update and I wasn't able to mention my upcoming belly dancing class!

SVL: Err... you just did.

POLLA: Oh, yeah.

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