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13 January 2020 - 22:42

of more minds

GRIZZLY: We have a coworker that creeps us out. Makes the girls uncomfortable, and Ninja want to punch his teeth in. Well, he'd punch his teeth in if he had any teeth. We always ball up our shoulder blades when that guy's around.

NINJA: He friggin' touched me t'day, dawg. He touched me. *shudders*

XVL: Dude, he tapped you on the shoulder. Get over yourself.

NINJA: I's don' like him, yo.

XVL: Buddy, none of us do.

GRIZZLY: Anyhow... I want to kill time here before having to drive over and pick Mom up from work. No real reason, but I dread going home. Not as much as I did last week, but I'm still anxious about the cats. BB cuddled with Mowgli for a while today, and that made us feel better. He is, as she put it, our "ball of infinite fluff." The feel of his warm, furry body against our cheek put us at ease, and I wish we could hang on to moments like that forever, but life keeps moving, and we had to get going. I dread having to deal with the rest of life, from our goddamn teeth to our finances and diabetes. Sometimes I feel as though I can't keep up with anything. It's hard work, running this body, and I'm afraid I'm not doing that great a job at it. Then there's also the issue with A11.

XVL: Dude, on that I think you're overreacting. Or overthinking things. We. Can't. Control. What. Outsiders. Do.

GRIZZLY: It's just that... as more and more time goes by, what's going on with Angel sounds more like tulpamancy to me. Y'know, like his system is more of a cast of characters he invented in his mind that he later lost control of.

XVL: Hah. So you mean... like us?

GRIZZLY: No, Sal, you know what I mean.

XVL: Dude, go back and read our older entries. What you're seeing in our nephew is what we already morphed out of. It's growing pains, man. If the plurality is real with them, as they claim it is, this infantile stage where they want to be noticed - because let's be real here: that's what's happening here - will pass, and they'll settle into a steady routine.

NINJA: Dey'll hit the doldrums, jus' like we have.

GRIZZLY: God, I hope you guys are right. I would hate to find out that after all this fuss, and all this time, it turns out Angel was lying the entire time, or worse: that Rosa Isela was right and he's just delusional.

BB: I don't think that's it, sweetie, and even if it were the case, it's not our place to judge.

GRIZZLY: I'm not judging! I'm just... trying to understand. Teenagers are hard.

NINJA: Heh. Most of 'em, sure, an' most of the time.

GRIZZLY: Pervert. *yawn* Anyway, I think we need to read more psychology books. Maybe then we'd know how to help him. Them. Whatever.

XVL: Hey, look at the time! Congratulations, Grizzler, you killed ourself enough time to not have to go inside the house before picking up 'Ama! Good on you, mate! Now c'mon, let's get going!

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