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24 January 2019 - 00:26

Sarah Montana


Five years. It's been five fuckin' years since I spoke to Sarah. An' now, I's run into the bitch.

XVL: To be fair, it's been four, really. And maybe a month. We stopped talking to Art after Christmas in 2014, remember?

NINJA: 'Course I remember, bitch, now go 'way n' quit int'rruptin' me. Gotta get shit off my chest.

We's ran into him by chance, on Twitter, an' at firs', we weren't even sure it be that bitch. But curiosity got the best of us, so we dug around a bit through his tweets, an' sure 'nough, I's now be 'bout 90% sure this particular A.V. on Twitter is good ol' Sarah.

Shit... I ain't sure what t'think. I wish I's could say I ain't thought 'bout Sarah fer a long time, but we'd be lyin'. B' still thinks 'bout him a lot, about what she maybe coulda done diff'rent so the friendship coulda survived. Can't blame her. Same shit happens to me with Whatserfatface. "Alex," we call her now. The others don' like me callin' 'er fat no more. Since we're gettin' along and all, now. We's done gone and went to the movies las' nigh', actually. Watched the movie Glass. It was a'ight. Kinda lame in some parts, but other times I was reminded of P'fas. So anywhore, tha's why I's don' call Alex names no more. 'Cause now we be friends 'gain. *gag*

Righ', who b'lieves that shit? Bitch ain't no friend a' mine. I ain't as forgivin' of Outsiders, and that goes fer her, an' Sarah, an' any other bitch done wronged us. I's und'rstand that the others gotta get along with her. An' maybe if Sarah had stayed at UPS, in time, shit woulda worked out with her, too. We'd all be friendly acquaintances an' we'd all go out n' eat together after work with Beto n' Alyssa. Sure, sure. Hypocrisy fer the win, righ'?

Wanna know the fucked up part of it all? Readin' through this bitch's tweets, we's remembered why it is we got along so well. Motherfucker still holds much of the same beliefs we do, and he still talks smart. Unlike me, no? Fuck you, Grizzler, I hear you thinkin', asshole.

I's haven't even asked B' what she thinks 'bout all this. Kinda 'fraid to. Even though she says otherwise, sometimes I's still think she resents me fer bein' the one t' cut things off wit' Sarah. An' maybe she's gotta point. Maybe I's shoulda let her be the one 't do it. He was her friend, after all. Grizz n' Sal, too. An' readin' over those tweets... *sigh* I felt my siblings missin' him. It sucks donkey balls. It's been all these years, an' it still burns. I's hope someday we let it go.

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