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13 October 2009 - 17:27

always under attack

We're having a "family feud" of sorts. One of those things that unsettles everyone, and it takes time to handle it amongst ourself.

Namely, it has to do with an Outsider. (Doesn't it always?)

BB: That is such an ugly thing to call someone.

NINJA: It's what they be. They ain't one of the system, then they outside of it.

BB: But still. It sounds like we're shutting them out.

SVL: In a sense, we are.

See, this is what's been going on and on. Namely with BB, Polla, Grizz and Svl. Ninja tries to stay out of it, except for a snide remark or two, and Piojo has been surprisingly silent. We can't even go to him for guidance at this point. He won't answer. I feel the deep coldness within me, so I know he's still there, somewhere. That's a small comfort. We even tried luring him out with one of his shirts, threatened to mend it, yet still no word. But it burned our skin as though we had a sunburn - we knew it didn't belong on us.

See, but now we're at work, and it's no use updating from here. Too much background noise, too much interference. I'll say no more on the subject, except that I've never been more afraid of another person in many a year. Afraid of growing too close. Afraid of giving a damn. And when I say I'm afraid, I don't know which of all of us I'm talking about. That's what rattles me the most, we think.

NINJA: We need t'stop bein' such pussies, dawg. Jus' get it the fuck over with.

BB: But the kids... our kids are at stake.

SVL: You wanna cut him off? Stop being his friend?

BB: Of course not! Oh, I'm just scared!

NINJA: Pussies.

We'd better go.

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