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30 January 2019 - 11:17

floating ideas

Today is Wellness Wednesday at work. We're in charge of making the baggies for our coworkers. BB likes that. I just wish we had more time to work on the flyers.

Yesterday, we took a survey about Billy Milligan and the possible movie about him and his people. One of the questions asked how multiplicity can be portrayed in a healthy way to the public. I'd never given that much thought to it, if any, I'll admit, but I started analyzing the possibilities. I've always wanted to write a story about a multiple system, but not an autobiography about us. A work of fiction. Sal and I have discussed this for some time, but we've never gotten around to it, because damnit, it's hard! We've been planning this project as a sort of graphic novel, but I can't think of characters, and without a guide, Sal can't come up with designs. We keep telling ourself that we're not ready yet, and stall the process.

14:14 Hrs. Well, that took a while. (We had errands to run. Yes, Jack, with our Mom.) Back to what I was saying. Ever since we took that survey yesterday, I can't stop thinking about that adjourned story. I know, I'm likely using "adjourned" in the wrong context here. I had never solidified what such a story would be about. However, that question in the survey really put things in perspective for me. Once we started looking at the situation not so much as a story I wanted to tell, but rather a story for all systems, and for singlet people, too, so they can better understand systems like us, I began to brew ideas. I'm still not sure what that story will be, but I know its purpose. So I began to form a sketchy story in my mind. Faces, characteristics still elude me, but I know I want to have this be an homage of sorts, to all the systems who've shaped our life. The Troops, Billy Milligan & Co., Aestrea, and even people like Mel and Mist. Of course, once I begin to go through with the process, I'll mostly be drawing inspiration from my own inner family.

Names are already coming to me. I need to go jot stuff down. Stu and Bunny, so far.

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