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21 November 2007 - 20:04

ballpoint tattoos

We couldn't sleep last night. The children were scared. Mainly the Little One, and she gets the worst. Boogers dripping down her chin, curled up in a ball under the bed, sobbing, trembling, clutching the fuzzy Batman blanket Svl bought ourself a few months back. Calling out to Piojo, refusing anyone else's touch. By the time three in the morning rolled around and she fell asleep, we were exhausted. And of course she wasn't the only one crying. Her wailing is what prompted M.B. to crawl under the bed in the first place. He, Jack and Gis all crammed themselves under there and wouldn't come out. We had to wait until all of them were sleeping, and then as Ninja tried to ease them out from under the bed in his arms, Jack began to stir. Half-asleep, but terrified still, he threatened to wake the other two again. So we rushed to the kitchen to get him a snack to calm him down. Then of course we had to start bickering over what to let him eat. Knowing he likes milk, we opted for that, but there was no whole milk anymore, only 2%. We let him have that.

Okay, long story short, we knocked out once we hit the bed again. And then woke up this morning with all these scribbles all down our left forearm and hand. Handwriting looks like it's mostly Piojo and Ninja, and I do have vague recollections of the thug getting pissed off 'cause the damn pen wouldn't write on our skin properly. I didn't wash it off, and came to work like that. Partially due to lassitude on my part, but mainly becuase Ninja wanted someone to see it. Someone to give a shit.

No one did.

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