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26 September 2008 - 14:32


GRIZZLY: BB's been dominant since last night. I like BB. She's nice.

BB: Aw! Thanks, Grizzly. You're too sweet!

G: *blush* Erm, right. Thanks. Well, she's been in charge for a good portion of time... more than I'm used to seeing her be, to be frank.

NINJA: Frank? I thought you be Grizz, yo. And ain't Frank workin' at Fed-Ex now?

G: Ninj'! God, will you guys please quit interrupting me? I'm trying to...

YANG: I know, I know. Narrate your point across. Seriously, Grizz, you should find another hobby. It's kinda annoying to hear your fucking voice in the background of our mind whenever we're trying to get something done.

G: What?! Shit... well, what else am I supposed to do? Narrating is my job! It's the only way we can keep track of everyone and not go, you know, insane or something.

Y: I dunno, read a book or something.

G: Fine. But later. Let me at least finish this entry, will ya'? See, this is exactly why we don't get shit done. People interrupting me all the goddamn time... *grumble*

N: Alright, alright. Sheesh.

G: A-hem. Right. So, as I was saying. B's dominant.

And that's okay and all, but she worries too much. Granted, it's the fact that she worries that gets things done around here, but still. It's a weird feeling to live with. Last night, she swept the kitchen, fed the cats, talked to the dogs, brought in the big trash and recycling bins from the ally, threw out the trash and recycling, dismantled and threw out a piece of sheet-rock -

MOCO: Chiroc, guey.

G: Whatever. That. And, granted, Ninja helped her break it...

N: Breakin' shit's fun, dawg.

G: Point taken. And then on top of all that shit, she cleared around Dad's altar-thing we have goin' on and lit his candles.

B: Wait! Hold the entry some! There goes the oven timer!

Some time later (15:00 HRS)...

B: Okay, we're back! Whew! That took a while!

N: Tha's because you turned the food over-

SVL: Reset the oven timer-

Py: Fussed over Mom's lunch-

Y: Tied the dog back to the post-

M: Agarraste los platos de los perros-

G: Swept the yard, waved bye to Mom, came back inside, turned off the oven, put the food to cool, and then came back here.

Y: Jesus, girl!

B: *blush*

G: See? This is what I mean. You did great, B. But you worry too much about the small stuff. You shouldn't over-worry.

PIOJO: You are complaining? She gets more things done than the rest of you put together. Your problem, our problem, as a whole, is that you are too unorganized. Everyone wants to do their own... how do you say it? "Thing." You want to act as individuals, in individual bodies. And we are not. Like it or not, we are stuck with one another. BB just knows how to shut out the rest of you effectively to where she does what she needs to do. The way Ninja does at work sometimes. All we need to do is organize ourself a bit better to where everyone has their own time to do what they consider important. Although, granted, not everyone should be allowed any time at all.

G: Yeah, you know what? You suck. You just took the words I wanted to say for this entry and said them yourself. You... you stole my thunder, dammit!

Pj: I know. That is why you shouldn't take so long to say things.

G: Wha-?! I... I do not! It's these guys that kept interrupting me! They always fucking interrupt me!

B: There, there, Grizzy. Don't be a cranky-butt. Lets go eat! We still need to go feed my babies and shower and pack our lunch...

N: Gawd! She's gon' be active all fuckin' night, ain't she?!

*sudden sound of cheering crowd in the distance*

N: Dawg, what the fuck is that?

Py: Is it coming from outside?

JACK: Music! YAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! Jack screams too!!!!!!

B: *giggle* It's coming from the bathroom. *gasp* It's our Evanescence CD! Beasters must've turned on the radio! C'mon, guys, now we really gotta-

G: I know, I know. Go.

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