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26 November 2013 - 15:33

birthday boy

Sal:Eiji Ezaki's (aka, "Hayabusa") birthday is coming up. I'm pretty hyped up about it. I wanna draw his mask! I mean, I love the design! I know I've got to finish the colors for Zoey's girls first, but I don't really want to wait! Jack & Yowlie are pretty excited, too.

We were all having a conversation about Hayabusa & lucha libre in general while driving to Costco to fuel up Mackers. The guys were laughing at me and were a little weirded out because I said I'd let that guy butt-fuck me if he wore the mask while doing it.

Ninja: Dawg! That's gross, yo!

Sal: I think he's hot.

Yang: Yeah, you said that earlier. But you're supposed to be asexual. We had this conversation already; why are we going over this again?

Sal: 'Cause it's fun to make you uncomfortable. And I am asexual. I never said I wanted to have sex with the guy, just that I'd let him do me.

Yang: But only with the mask on.

Sal: Only if he wore the mask, yes. *laugh*

Polla: I would totally go groupie all over him, wheelchair and all. His scars are so sexy!

Sal: They are interesting, aren't they?

Polla: Totally! I wanna lick them all over.

Sal: All right, that's too much! Even for me!

*Polla giggles*

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