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22 February 2009 - 00:44

bear to the dogs!

Having two sick dogs on steroids in the house is not helping my schedule at all. The Prednisone is making both Shai and Knightmare extremely thirsty, and therefore have to piss all the damn time. I spent the evening researching everything I could about heartworm disease and the treatment for it, including the medications they've been prescribed. I dunno, I guess it just makes me feel safer to know what's going on. Like I can control the situation a bit better. From what I can tell, Knightmare's not actually on anything that can kill the damn worms yet. The closest thing would be the Doxycycline, which is an antibiotic that causes the female heartworms to go sterile. They stop reproducing, so there's no more worms getting produced, but none of them die. Debbs told us at work to just ditch the vet's plan and get Knightmare on Heartgard. Heartgard's a milbemycin-based drug that kills all the microscopic baby-worms and the larval-stage worms. I must admit I'm rather frusterated that Puppers isn't getting a more aggressive treatment, seeing as how he's got so many damn worms in his system, but then again, I'm aware of how tricky the whole process is. If too many worms die all at once, it could cause circulatory shock. So I'm impatient, but overall trust that my veterinarian knows a whole lot damn more than we do when it comes to treating our dog.

We've been struggling to keep B.B. supressed and asleep for as long as we can. That means Polla gets to work overtime this week, or at least for a few days. I think all this ordeal has actually brought B.B. and Moco closer, as he's come forward a bit now to walk and feed the dogs. I know B' still gets up and about for brief stints, though, as already she's noticed that all three cats are eating less. Of course she's panicking, so we went out of our way and got some flea and tick drops for Patrick, Junior and Beasters.

*yawn* It's getting late now. Actually, it's very late. We need to sleep so we can get up early and get Shai and Knightmare out for their piss n' shit breaks. We've been sleeping with Patches Frankenstein and the Noseless Racooncito (that's not really his name; he doesn't have a name) since Tuesday night. The kids like to cuddle, helps them feel safer. *yawn* I really am getting tired now. The dogs are sleeping, presumably, and so should I.

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