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13 January 2007 - 23:06

belated nothing

Since our birthday fell on a Thursday and we had to work, we decided to celebrate it this weekend. Specifically, today. But our out-family was much too busy doing other routine stuff, like cleaning and the such, and so no one remembered. Gone too, were the memories of promised birthday gifts to be opened Saturday morning. We were bummed.

But only for a little while! Fortunately for us, we had anticipated this event and so had been buying gifts for ourself throughout the past few months. This raised the spirits of the little ones immensly, as they really hadn't seen the surprises coming. We got them a green TMNT TV. It's not that big, but Jack didn't seem to mind. We even got ourself the DVD/CD player to match it. We all put them up together, but we haven't plugged it in yet. Afterwards, we opened BB's present.

GRIZZLY: Did you like it, B?

BB: Of course I did! You guys are all so sweet! Thank you!

Yeah, for BB we got a brand new cage for FatAss, and she and Gis and Jack all assembled it together. The MonkeyBoy just watched quietly at Jack's side, not touching anything but eyes wide with wonder. We know the kid was anxious to touch the smooth colorful plastic, but since we were watching, he didn't dare. Weird little thing. I guess he's still getting used to us. (As of today, we're still saying we're only eleven, because he refuses to be counted, and Piojo says we shouldn't. Not until he's ready, if he's ever.)

Jack laughs and points to the cage with a royal blue tentacle that matches the bars of the cage. JACK: Yay! The mousey got up! Up and up and up!

BB: Yay for FatAss!


Gis laughs and clapps and the MonkeyBoy's eyes shine bright and his mouth almost twitches to a smile, although he refuses to come out of hiding from behind Yang. Now he's burying his face into the goth's side and Yang wrapps an arm protectively around him.

The MonkeyBoy's weird. He's the only one of the kids that refuses to be touched by Piojo. I mean, I know we've only got Jack and Gis to go on, but Piojo's our protector, for crying out friggin' loud. He shouldn't be afraid of him!

Anyhow, we still have more presents to open, but we decided to save some for tomorrow, when hopefully the out-family will remember us. If not, we'll just go buy ourself some cheesecake or lemon merangue pie and celebrate all by ourself. Who needs outsiders anyway?

SVL: Ok, that was rude, Ninja, take it back.


*sigh* He's been hopeless lately.

BB: And FatAss has made it to the petting zone! Let me go to him!

PIOJO: No, let the rat be. It needs time to adjust to its surroundings.

BB: Aw, but...

MOCO: Ya, dejalo, BB. Piojo tiene razon. Ya ma�ana lo agarras. No se va a ir el pinche rat�n.

BB: *sigh* Hamster, you guys, hamster. But you're right. I'll leave him alone. Oh, I'm just so exited for him!

POLLA: Well I'm glad you liked the present, at least. It's not like anyone got me anything.

YANG: That's not true, babe. I got you all my love in the world.

POLLA: You are too sweet, love. *blows kisses in Yang's general direction*

NINJA: Aw, gross.

GRIZZLY: Seriously, barf.

MOCO: Ya casense, �no?

BB: And don't forget we've still got presents to open for tomorrow, Polla.

NINJA: Someone had better've gotten me some booze.

POLLA: Shut up, you drunken moron!

GRIZZLY: Actually, I think the term you're looking for is alcoholic. Technically, he's not drunk now.

SVL: Enough with the bickering already! Shit, I feel like Piojo now, breaking all these arguments!

*grin* That's how we've been all day, and for the past few days as well. Wow, lookit that! FatAss is actually voluntarily using the exercise wheel! Ain't that something! Little punk. He's climbing up and down those blue tunnels like crazy now. Must be swell, living in a jungle-gym like that. Now we're a bit sleepy, but mostly tired. Tomorrow's gonna be a long day, and not necesarrily because of any belated birthday celebrations. We've got our whoie room to clean before the Dud starts bitching again, and a fight between her and Ninja is not something we're looking forward to at the moment, except for maybe him, of course. Shit, we need to sleep.

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