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03 May 2004 - 11:22

catching up

We've updated our website. Go see it. Now.

Onto something else...

Some dipshit motherfucker on the computer next to mine keeps staring at me. What? You've never seen someone kill virtual Brazilians over the internet before? Punk.

We've been busy, busy, busy, so we ain't got that much time for this diary as we'd like. Final exams, y'know. Man, they're a bitch. Almost as much as the bastard next to me. I swear, if he so much as glances at me one more damn fuckin' time, dawg... But no. Calm down, Ninja. (BB says.)

Y'know what Dud told us over the phone the other day? She said she'd rather have people believe that I'm gay rather than have them know we're a multiple system. I mean, what is that? But yeah, that's what my dear sister says. Shows ya' how much our word means to her. I mean, I don't care if everyone and their mother finds out I've got multiple personalities. If I gave a fuck, I wouldn'ta started this damn diary. And it's not that I've got multiple personalities, we are multiple personalities. Does that make any sense? Does it matter? No. No one reads this shit anyway, except maybe Mar�a, and that's 'cause she feels sorry for meselves.

See, now that's just Piojo talking. He wants people to feel sorry for us, I think, so he can hate them with gusto. He already warned us what he'd do to Mar�a if we let her get too close. Good thing we outnumber the guy too, even if he is one tough motherfucker.

And then just yesterday we finished reading this novel called "Nightmare: discovering the 56 strange personalities inside some little bitch." Of course, that's not the exact title. It's just that the title pisses us off. What the hell do they mean, 'Nightmare'? That's my dog's name, dawg! That's not what multiplicity is! A nightmare? Hells no! Damn. No wonder people think all multiple systems are nut-cases. And then, of course, they pull off a Chris Cosner Sizemore and integrate at the end. And they live happily ever after, right? Ugh. I actually got a bit sad at the thought of all those people dissapearing into one mind. I mean, that's scary shit dawg. And that's what Piojo's afraid of. (I am not afraid of anything.) Right guy. I meant it in the sense that it's what we dread the most: integration. I don't know about the rest of the me weirdos here, but I like bein' myself. I don't wanna fuse into one and share all my qualities that make me me. Plus then I'll also get all those sissy emotions from Polla and shit. (Hey!) I mean, I'll have to give up my frontrunner position too. 'Cause we've all discovered as we go along this 'self treatment' that Grizzler, SVL 'n' I are the three main frontrunners for GS's body. We've all taken over the body the most at one point or another in our lives. In highschool, it was mostly Grizz, sometimes SVL or me would step in, or BB. Now it's mostly me. When I'm at home, anyway, or chillin' wit' Mar�a. Moco made a rare appearence yesterday evening, when our piece-of-shit father showed up drunk. Mom can never tell the difference between us, just thinks we're moody. Or maybe she just doesn't want to see, like Dud, who'd rather have the world thinkin' we a homo. Sometimes I think Mar�a is the only one who believes us, and that's pretty damn sad. The Astrea household says we real too, and that meant a lot to us, 'cause from what I know they're one of the most prominent healthy multiple systems out there. Them guys have their own web-page too, a lot more centered on multiplicity than ours is. I mean, 'cause sure, we like people to know we're multiple 'n' shit, but there's more to life than MPD, y'know. Like music, for me, and literature for Grizz and drawin' for SVL. Speakin' of drawin', there's a drawin' of me that SVL did on Paint up on our web-site now, along with one of Yang and Piojo. So if anyone wants to know what we look like... More comin' soon, SVL said. He's workin' on it. Shit. It's almost noon. I been typin' a long time now, which goes to show you people: the thug can type! But I didn't bring the cell phone (Jack calls it fone!) with me, and mom's gonna start to get all worried an' shit. I'm out.

*In case anyone's wondering (if this is even being read at all), that was, for the most part, Da Ninja. Duh.*

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