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04 February 2005 - 15:17

cell fone

"Thank you for calling The Closet Industries. At the moment, no one is willing to take your call. Our office hours are from whenever we feel like it to whenever we're finished. Our address is -- heh, yeah. Like I'm really gonna tell you that! Anyhow, to leave a message for any of the Trio, [that being Grizzly, Da Ninja, or Svl], please wait until you hear the beep. To leave a message for Yang Black, wait until the beep. To leave a message for either BB or Polla, wait for the beep. Para dejarle un mensaje a Moco Gish, favor de esperar el beep. Gis and the Prophet do not take personal calls. For his own good, neither does Jack. Piojo just doesn't care what you have to say, so don't bother leaving a message for him. For all other inquiries, you may leave a message in our general mailbox. Just wait for the beep. And did I mention you gotta wait for the beep?"


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