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20 May 2004 - 23:25



SVL: What?

NINJA: I don't believe it.

SVL: Believe what?

NINJA: We got the job, dawg.

SVL: Yeah. A bit of a numbing shock, isn't it?

NINJA: It's just that... I mean, with Jack on board and everythin'... I was sure we were gonna make an ass of ourself on that interview.

YANG: Huh-yeah. Good thing the girls stepped in to help.

NINJA: Good thing we weren't wearin' anythin' short, or else Polla might've tried ta show some leg!

POLLA: I would not have done so!

YANG: Good.

GRIZZLY: Hey! I was there too - don't let the girls take all the credit!

SVL: Of course not, we were all there. Like Piojo. He kept us from freaking out, didn't ya', man?

*Piojo grunts from within the depths of the folds of his quilt*

BB: I'm so glad we got the job! We really needed the activity!

POLLA: We really needed the distraction... and the excuse to dress up.

NINJA: What'cha talkin' 'bout? We really needed the money, girl!

POLLA: Well, that too...

JACK: So now we can go eat at the STARS every night! Jack likes the extra-cheap combos at STARS!

YANG: Yeah, I think we all like anything that's nice 'n' cheap... but we won't be able to spend all our cash on drive-in fast food, Jack. We've got bills to pay.

*Jack pouts*

MOCO: Si, porque si no pagamos, nos meten al bote!

*Ninja and Yang shudder at the thought. No Vodka in jail. No Malboros either... unless you know the right people, o' course.*

GRIZZLY: Training starts Monday at 8 AM.

PIOJO: So you better be prepared.

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