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30 September 2015 - 16:15

checkin' out

XVL: Mom's getting a lymphatic massage right now. Fascinating stuff.

NINJA: Dawg, Mom's therapist is hot stuff. She's wearin' these black cotton knit yoga pants that are tight on her fine ass. Hot damn, I wanna slap her ass so hard right now.

POLLA: Ninja! You're so... so...


POLLA: Horrible! Mom's therapist is really nice, and she's an older lady, too!

NINJA: Jealous, much?

POLLA: Shut up! As if!

GRIZZLY: It's good to see them bickering.

NINJA: Seriously though, dawg, that woman's body is distracting.

XVL: I'm surprised Yang hasn't voiced his opinion on this.

NINJA: He ain't allowed to, dawg. He's whooped.

YANG: I'm not, you hornball. *The boys both laugh.*

XVL: Okay, seriously, I was gonna vent about my TINC project that we've put on hold for way too long. But I keep getting distracted by the massages and excersizes Miranda is having Mom do. It's crazy fascinating. I didn't know Mom's range of motion was so limited, too. Poor Momma.

GRIZZLY: It's fine, Sal. We'll talk about it later. Right now, we gotta go out and get Mom started on her excersizes.

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