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19 December 2005 - 01:02

down in chehailis

Macy Playground throbbs softly in the background. My mouth feels flavorless, and I'm experiencing one of my famous "painless headaches."

Lately, we've all been in a state of quasi-integration. Yang got freaked out by some chic in our head named Sandra Aurora, but Piojo seemed to know about her all along, and shrugged her off. Says she's here because of our state of semi-integration. So I guess that means she's dominant right now? *shruggs* Piojo says she's nothing more than the process of semi-integration itself. Jack says she's like jelly. Ninja says she's us being super-duper saiyan. Psh, go figure. None of those definitions help me one bit at the moment. I feel so mellow, and yet I can't sleep. My stomach is full and yet has an empty feeling to it.

"I'm just gagging on all the all right..." sings Ninja to the music.

Yeah, I'm in heaven. Bull. I didn't even want to update today, to be honest, but we had to, because we haven't updated this shit in almost a month.

Toty comes home this Wednesday, and then we might all go to Laredo for Christmas Eve and Christmas. Somehow, I'm not quite looking forward to all this. Maybe it's the Christmas spirit that's got us down and about. We can't seem to be mingled as one for too long, but neither can we be apart. I know it doesn't make any sense, even to us. Right now my fingers are just typing as if by life of their own. And maybe they do have a life all to themselves.

"Pity no one was there, no angels in the air... and the morning paper ran: One more suicide..."

I wish Ninja and the Playground would shut the fuck up. I need to sleep. And already my hands are getting there. My fingers are all tingly, and my shoulders sag. Tomorrow is another day. Another hard, long-ass day. I'd better go say goodbye to ghost.

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