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19 December 2005 - 01:25

commiserating the misery

SVL: Gah! I'm dizzy!

NINJA: Me too, dawg. I's hate this feelin'.

GRIZZLY: Shut the damn radio off, will you?!

YANG: Or at least change the music, man. Marcy Playground always makes me woozy.

*Ninja rolls his eyes, but that only makes his dizzier, so he moves to obey*

POLLA: I'm telling you, this sucks!

NINJA: What? I changed it already! I thought you liked Blink 182.

POLLA: Not that, you moron! This! This awful dizziness inside our head! I feel like the world around the Closet is whirling around really, really fast. *closes her eyes and shakes head*

GRIZZLY: I've been telling you all, we need to go to sleep!

NINJA: T'day has really sucked dawg. Lookit, even Jack's sad.

BB: He'll get over it, pobrecito.

*Moco picks up Jack onto his lap and the alien begins to sniffle*

MOCO: Ya, ya no chilles, cabr�n...

BB: �Pobrecito Jack! He's just sad. In fact, so am I! *she wipes her eyes with the back of her hand*

GRIZZLY: Gah, now we're all gonna be sad! For the rest of the week too, probably.


YANG: Oh, God, that ain't good...

MOCO: �Pero no chilles! �Vas a levantar a este otro cabr�n!

PIOJO: If you mean me, I do not sleep. You know that. Damelo.

*Moco hands the alien over to the protector*

MOCO: Callalo, �s�? Por favor.

*Piojo mutters something into Jack's ear as he hides him from our view with his old patched quilt. Jack gives a heavy, involuntary shudder, then breakes into softer sobs accented with hiccups while he struggles to control his wails and tries to talk*

JACK: J-jack-chibi-chibi-bi-bi-bi-bi-bi! J-j-jack! Jack with the chibis-chibi-chibi!

*BB smiles*

BB: I know, Jackie. Me too, sweetie.

JACK: JA-AAACK!!! Jack wants to do the chibi-chibi and Jack can't because the glass is there! Jack can't do the chibis with the glass right there!

PIOJO: So tap on the screen and close your eye. There you go. Cierra bien el ojo. �Ves? You can type it out and it'll go through the glass. And now you can say goodbye. So say goodbye.

JACK: No! No, Jack doesn't want to! Ja-ack d-doesn't want to!

NINJA: Hey! I ain't dizzy no more! Tha's weird!

YANG: I'm still dizzy, but not as much. So is that it? That's what was bothering us? *looks expectantly at Piojo*

PIOJO: He was affected, so All were affected. But the Bear is right. It is also lack of sleep. We must go now.

GRIZZLY: Did you just call me "the bear"? *raises an eyebrow* That's not funny, you know.

*Polla giggles, and Piojo smiles, but only briefly. He takes the subdued Jack and takes him into the darkness of the Closet, where the Little One waits asleep, watched over by the translucent Prophet. We sigh, relieved. Already, Sandra Aurora is fading and the world slows its tedious whirl.*

NINJA (singing softly): The truth is over, we've survived...

*He follows the path our protector took, and gladly, Grizz and Svl follow him. As the frontrunners of the system, they hold the most energy. Since their strength is gone from us, the rest of us shiver, exhausted. We get up to follow in sleep. And in the distance, we can still hear Da Ninja singing...*

NINJA: I can't wait 'til I get home, to spend the time in my room alone...

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