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07 August 2011 - 22:38


Ah, we've got a full day ahead of us, so I wanna get as much sleep as I can tonight. You know, sometimes I wish the stereotype that multiples are workaholic, multitasking overacheivers were true. That multiples have some sort of extra energy that allows them to get an assload of work done in seemingly no time at all is bullshit. At least for me. In fact, compared to most people, even singletons, I think I'm somewhat of an underacheiver.

NINJA: We've got, unfortunately, two outta three fronters who be a coupla lazy-ass pussies who be too 'fraid t'stick wit' shit they started.

GRIZZ: Man, fuck you, no we're not!

SVL: You're not really one to talk, Ninja!

NINJA: Get real, bitch. Seriously, dawg, y'can't deny it, neither of you. Svl's got talent, but he be a slacker. An' he's selfish. Other'n drawin' or fuckin' makin' shit from hemp wit' B, he ain't interested in anything. Grizz is too much of an insecure motherfucker t'get any of his projects off da ground. You check yerself too much, dawg, an' GOD I HATE THIS FUCKIN' TINY ASS KEYPAD! Aargh!

SVL: I know, it's annoying.

GRIZZ: Well, what about you, smart-ass? Aren't you currently our strongest frontrunner? I don't see you doing anything productive. You haven't even taken some time to check out what's wrong with Dud's car, even though mechanics is supposed to be something you're good at.

Ninja scowls and begins to reply but is interrupted by Piojo, who sits in the shadows.

PIOJO: *grunt* Allow me to clarify a few things before you three start whipping out your penises. To begin, you are a fool to believe Ninja is the most prominent fronter and therefore the strongest. Physical strength means nothing in terms of ranking. Yes, he has become a lot stronger over the past few months (due in large part because I have refused to intervene as much in your Outside meddlings as of late), but he rarely fronts alone, even at his job. My absence has allowed you two to form an even stronger bond and can therefore corun more easily and thus more frequently. Still, of the entire group, it is you, Berkinix, who is able to front alone with no effort and very little exertion. Yet you are so analytical that you are easily caught up by the details of your daily tasks and it freezes you into a dull routine.

YANG: What the hell? Why are you talking so... strangely all of a sudden? What's that glowy, whispy smoke surrounding you?

GRIZZ: And why did you just call me Berkinix?

PIOJO: Because Grizzly is a silly name for a grown man. And if any of you had been paying attention your whole lives, you would recognize the presence enveloping me now. (Smoke my ass...)

We blink collectively in surprise. Polla looks up from the wooden crate where she sits and looks sharply over at our Protector, eyes bright. I can't believe we hadn't noticed it before! It has to be -

POLLA: *hopefully, meekly* Prophet?

Piojo's only reply is a slight nod, but I think he may have almost smiled. My mouth hangs agape in shock but Polla trills (literally) in excitement as she jumps up from her seat. "My soul! You're back!" she cries and runs over to Piojo, throwing her arms gleefully around him. I can honestly say I have never seen her voluntarily touch him before, only allowing herself to be held by him when she's been hurt. Maybe he's had to forcefully restrain her once or twice over the years during one of her fits of insane jealousy. Her reaction only stuns us further, but Yang suddenly burst into laughter as he lets the Prophet's essence wash all over us and suddenly the whispy stuff is everywhere. Jack soon wiggles out of the storm gray of the wall, changing his hue to a vibrant electric sky blue and slithers over to slide up onto our Protector's back. I smile. I'm awash with such a feeling of calm and vibrant life. My joints feel like jelly but other than that I'm fine. I dunno, it all feels so anticlimatic somehow. I haven't sensed the Prophet in years now. Some of us even thought it was dead or at least gone for good, and now here it is inside, swirling in mist all around us, carresing us all at once with glowing love of self. I always thought that if we ever were to see it again we'd break down in hysterical tears or something. I mean, this is our soul we're talking about! But no, looking around, I can see that we're all taking things rather calmly. The Little One sits on the barren ground, playing quietly with the whisps floating around her, and MB is frozen in place, half-standing, half-crouching, eyes wide with wonder and a blissful look on his features as the glowing smoke caresses his furry face. We watch silently as Piojo carefully disengages himself from Polla's embrace.

POLLA: *breathless* When did you get back? *Suddenly the tears spring up.* And where have you been? *She rests her head against Piojo's shoulder and clutches at his quilt.*

PIOJO: Growing. At the moment our Prophet cannot yet speak, but it wants you all to know that it is safe and well. For now, it will continue to rest inside me, but it will soon begin to manifest into its physical self once more. It apologizes for having interrupted your three-way discussion, frontrunners, but we both felt it was important to make everyone aware of its continued existance.

An exhaled breath on our Protector's part and the soft plumes of glow began to dissipate. I/we feel groggy. Polla snuggles, still standing, against Piojo, clearly tired. Moco sighes, already bringing the brim of his sombrero down over his eyes. BB goes over to him and nestles against him. I look over at Ninja and Svl, a bit unsure as to what the hell we had been arguing about before all of this. "You were being jerks to each other," Yowlie offers, taking Gisita by the hand and helping her onto the bed. "Luego Piojo told you all que los tres tienen culpa. Creo that if he had been alone les hubiera dicho eso. Y que dejaran de estar fighting. Just fix the problem instead of fighting. Porque es mas facil pelearse y no arreglan nada. Siempre hacen eso."

"Exactly," Piojo says, walking Polla over to the bed as well. "Everyone is going to bed now. Take this time and fix matters between you."

GRIZZ: *sigh* Alright. We need to find a way to organize better. I think we're making improvements on our daily routine, but not enough. If what Piojo says is true and I'm aware at least most of the time, then we need to find an efficent way to manage our time.

SVL: Right. I say we time ourselves and give ourselves deadlines for specific things. Having that task list on our phone has helped, but we don't always stick to it. We need to follow through. I know I am a total slacker when it comes to being Out. Chores are really boring for me. By the time I know it, I'm back in the living room doodling, and I'll take more than my assigned share of the time we've allocated for me. I also make us wanna nap all of the time.

NINJA: That one's my fault. Well, mine n' Yang's. He keeps the body up late watchin' shit on You Tube n' I's let him 'cause he's my best friend. He be 'fraid tha's his only chance t'himself n' I's don' wan' the guy t' dis'pear or fade more to the Inside 'cause he ain't got shit t'do. But I's guess if we's listen more t'what he wants outta life maybe we's can find a way t'incorporate it into our day-t-day.

GRIZZ: Sure, but we'll need to sit him down and talk to him about the kind of Outside things he'd like to do.

SVL: For starters, maybe both he and Yowlie will wanna help you with Hugo. While you try to figure out what's wrong with the car, the two of them can wash the outside or clean up the inside or something. I know Yang's obsession to keep things neat and clean will come in handy. Plus, it's a car, so it's manly enough a task for him.

GRIZZ: So what else needs to be done?

NINJA: Aroun' the house? Laundry, but B can handle that shit. She likes household chores. We's can also make her clean the fridge n' the bathroom.

SVL: Not make her, ask her.

NINJA: Y'know what I's mean. She'll do it anyway, she wants to.

GRIZZ: We also need to give her adequate time to feed and water her dogs. She needs at least half an hour to attend to them properly. Preferably early enough in the day; perhaps when we get home from dropping off Mom...?

SVL: Sounds good. Now, at work, we need to go around getting the DOK's and SWM's. It has to be someone outgoing, so it can't be me. Can't be Ninj' either just 'cause people'd notice your accent right away. Not BB either 'cause she's too nice and kind of a pushover. Grizz?

GRIZZ: Oh, don't look at me. I'm horrible with people.

NINJA: 'Cause you're a pretentious ass!

GRIZZ: Whatever, I'm not doing it.

SVL: Hey! I've got an idea. Polla would be great at that stuff! She's very outgoing.

NINJA: Are you nuckin' futs?! I ain't havin' that ditz runnin' aroun' the warehouse! She'll flirt with every single guy she interviews! No. No way, yo.

GRIZZ: We could have her corun. She could Sandra-Aurora with you and maybe Yang or BB, or even all four of you.

NINJA: Me combine with her, is you crazy?!

SVL: Come on, Ninja, give it a chance. You know it might work! You're just being stubborn because you don't like her.

GRIZZ: Fine, we'll dicuss that part later with the rest of the group, maybe get some input from Piojo. Right now, it's late, and we need to be in court early tomorrow. So speaking of time management, let's go hit the shower. We smell really bad.

NINJA: You smell, bitch.

And so the bickering continues all the way to the bathroom, but it's all in good humor now. *sigh* Ah, it feels so good to know we have a soul still.

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