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12 February 2006 - 21:38

things that confusify

We watched the movie "Identity" today. It was weird. Not weird like most people would take it, but weird in a strangely painful way. It made me sad. Hell, it made all of us sad. So we tried to distract ourself with some "Mr. Show" but the damn DVD player's not wanting to cooperate anymore. It was no fun, so we turned up the Disturbed and decided to update. Thing is, now I'm bummed out. I mean, I don't... really like how the movie portrayed that multiple system. Why do they always gotta hurt each other? But I guess that's the whole point of thrillers, right? And the whole point of them being dysfunctional. Still, I cannot understand how little Timmy had the strength to kill all the other alters (or why he'd even want to). But I digress, I digress... Each system to his own, and I gotta hit the showers now.

As a sidenote, this means, of course, that Mar�a came over today (it's her movie). We all sat around and talked some about her situation, and 'Ama offered to take her in. She was looking pretty optimisitic about the whole concept, until she received a phone call from her sister, Paty, about Monica having a car accident or something. Her neices were involved, and they were all at the hospital. Now I'm afraid Mar�a is crushed beyond hope of leaving that place, ever. I could see the unjustified guilt in her eyes as we drove her hastily home. So that didn't help. But I digress again. Nothing we can do on that subject except wait the two weeks we offered her.

On another, completely different sidenote, we got some kick-ass stuff for the room yesterday. It was for Yang, really, since the guy doesn't own much stuff all to himself. I hope it makes him feel better from all that stress we've been getting at work. *sigh* We'll see how this coming week turns out, we'll see...

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