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03 July 2007 - 01:51

soop cooling

We're waiting for our Instant Lunch Ramen soup to cool. (Jack insists on spelling it "soop".) Don't want to burn our tongue, the little ones might cry. Then we need to take a shower because our feet stink, according to Polla. In fact, all of our all-over stinks. It comes with the job.

Ninja wants us to cut our hair. NOW.

NINJA: I'm tellin' ya dawg, what the fuck good is it for? We live in an area that's hot as all hell, an' it bothers us when we drive.

YANG: It only bothers you.

NINJA: Well I be the one that drives, ain't I?

POLLA: Most of the time, but not always. Now, are you guys done yet? We need to take our shower! My face feels filthy, and good Lord, do your feet stink, Ninja!

NINJA: They've stunk worse an' they're attatched to yer legs as well, if I ain't mistaken.

POLLA: Ugh! The more reason to go wash them then! I feel so... ugly!

SVL: Quit being so vain.

POLLA: I didn't mean ugly in the physical sense, you dolt.

GRIZZLY: Do you even know what a dolt is?

POLLA: No, I don't, but I bet you do, so all hail the mightly Grizzly bear and spare me the definition please. And - well, what the hell?! Why's everyone picking on me all of a sudden?! I'm just trying to do something that's actually good for our body! *pouts*

BB: It's okay, Polla, no one's disagreeing with you. We'll go take our shower in a minute, but we can't take one without having the kids eat something first, and we've got to wait for the soup to cool or they'll get burned. But if we shower now and the noodles get too cold... well, you know how Jack is picky. He won't want to eat anything before bed, and we can't have that or he'll wake up with a tummy ache. And cry. And then our whole day will go to shit.

SVL: Right on, sis. Whatever she said.

POLLA: But it's getting late... It's two o'clock in the morning already! And then 'Ama wants us to take the car tomorrow! We'll never wake up on time to do anything at this rate!

*pause as we attempt to eat a mouthful of hot noodles. We manage to keep M.B. from spitting his out, but none of the kids like it. It's still too hot.*

BB: See?

POLLA: *sigh* Can't we just have Piojo eat the soup?

PIOJO: I am not hungry.

POLLA: You're never hungry. But c'mon, even you can smell the funk floating up from our bare feet!

PIOJO: Smells seldom bother me.

POLLA: Agh! You guys really suck tonight. Just let me know when you're all done so I can go get our towels. *Polla leaves and Yang lets his hair loose. He runs his long fingernails through it to let our oily scalp breathe. Our head is sweaty. Ew.*

BB: I think the noodles are good now, guys. Jack just had a mouthful. Are they good, Jack, sweetie? *The alien nods and licks where his lips would be.* C'mon. 'Cause Polla is right about the time.

SVL: Yeah, whatever. I am getting sleepy. And our fingers aren't working on this keyboard too well tonight. Let's go.

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