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17 June 2005 - 22:42

Marco, cuidalo please...

I'm worried about Aaron. He didn't show up to work today, and he didn't call. Dios quiera que no le haiga pasado nada, says Moco, and BB agrees. He's a good kid, and we'd hate it if something happened to him. Yang comes on and takes over with his usual quiet melancholy self, waiting tense and reserved, as usual. His voice is quiet as we greet mom when we walk in the door, and she wonders if we're alright. She asks us if we're tired, and Yang tells her that no, not too much. We just don't wanna tell her we're worried. At least not yet. Ruben told us that if Aaron doesn't have a good excuse for his No-Call/No-Show, he will most likely get terminated. He'll get fired. And I don't know what would be worse, I seriously don't: I mean, I don't want anything bad to have happened to the kid (Ninja says), but we don't want him to be perfectly ok and get fired. For some reason it got me thinking of Marco. Damn. Isn't Aaron the same age Marco would be if he were alive? Let's see... Marco died when he was 16 and we were 18, now we're 21, that was 3 years ago... so yeah. Marco and Aaron are the same age. Maybe that's why we've gotten so fond of Aaron. He's a good kid. And Polla wants to cry now, our eyes grow moist. 'Bitch, stop it,' Ninja growls, rubbing at our eyes with a rough, grubby hand. We can't help it though, because BB's worried also. We don't want Aaron to die like Marco did! And somehow, he doesn't strike me as the type to just not show up to work. Art and Ruben tried calling him, but got his cell phone's voice mail. Art said the line wouldn't even ring, which means Aaron had his phone off. Ruben left a message. And now we're really worried. Worried to the point where we didn't even appreciate Mu�eca's warm doggy-welcome (chihuahua style) or feel hungry anymore, although we haven't eaten anything all day except for an Egg McMuffin (Mac-Nofin, 'Apa calls it) that Pifas got us this morning. As we drove home I saw a vision (more of a mirage, really) of Aaron sitting next to us in Palomo-car, beat-up and bloody the way Marco was when we saw him last. Beat and bloody, bashed, broken and very dead. I wanted to scream. The Prophet says we should light a candle tonight and pray. Have faith that Aaron will be alright. Dammit, I don't even know why it affects me so much! Because we care, Svl, that's why, because he's all we have left of Marco. And if he gets fired, I'll be disappointed in him, I know. When (IF, Piojo corrects us) we see him on Monday, the first thing the girls are gonna wanna do is hug the guy, squeeze him and cuddle him because he's ALIVE!

But what if he's not... there on Monday? What if he's not there ever again...?

Dios, Dios, Dios...

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