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29 December 2016 - 02:52

Clockwork Mechanism

XVL: I didn't really feel like writing today, but Grizzly insisted. He says it's healthy for mees.

GRIZZ: It is.

XVL: Whatev's.

So anyway, I've been having a few issues with my brother lately. Yep, Ninja, of course. Whenever we have problems, isn't he always involved somehow?

GRIZZ: Don't be an ass, Sal, we talked about this already. We're not here to name-blame. He's pretty ticked off at you, too, but he's giving you this time to vent without interference.

XVL: Big whoop, alright? (Gosh, I'm starting to sound just like him!) Listen, you know why I'm upset with him, right? Of course you do, you're me. Do you really think I'm wrong by telling him to just let shit slide? How am I the bad guy?

GRIZZ: Don't look to me for validation, I'm just here with you so you can vent properly. Don't mind me, I'm just a neutral arbiter. Deep breath. Start from the beginning. Pretend I'm not here.

XVL: *sigh* Alright, I'll try.

Well, part of this problem started with you, bro. [GRIZZ: I'm not here, doofus!] Excuse me, it started with Grizzly and his judgemental judginess. He gets it from Mom. At work, I started hanging out with Beto and Alex and Alyssa during our lunch break. I was usually Sandra-Auroring with Grizz and Jack, sometimes Ninja, and sometimes, I wasn't even involved. A lot of the times, Ninja wasn't there either, and when he was, he wasn't active; just observing. He doesn't like Alex, much. Anyhow, at first, we noticed that Beto wouldn't really talk to the girls. Alyssa was the one who started complaining about it to me, and I... wait, was it even me? Who interfered on this again? Was it BB? [Grizz: Does it matter?] Thought you weren't here, jackass. [GRIZZ: Shut up and get back on point.] Well, one of us stupidly bought her little act... wait, wait, wait. Goddamit! Ninja's creeping in here!

NINJA: Well, wad'ja expect, dumbass? I's live here, too!

XVL: Aargh, get out, get out, get out!

[HeadMusic tonight's Release Me by Miser]

GRIZZ: Look, if we're all gonna sit around and dick at each other, might as well have some sort of order to this mess. Music's already playing, do either of you really want Piojo to come in here?

XVL: Maybe I do. I feel like I really need him right now.

NINJA: Hells no.

GRIZZ: I don't want him in here, either. Let's try talking this one out among ourself without having to disturb anyone else. I don't think it matters who talked Beto into starting up a conversation with Nick, but it happened. They started talking to each other, then texting, then God-knows-what-else. That's where I took issue to the whole thing. Because I was suspicious that the two had started some kind of affair. Not that I would've given a crap, if it weren't for the fact that Alyssa's in a long-term relationship. It was like seeing Aaron and Denise all over again. It made me sick to my stomach.

NINJA: Made me wanna barf.

XVL: And I said, and still believe, that the two of you might be seeing things that aren't there.

NINJA: Dawg, he lent her his jacket. Y'know, the way guys do in high school when they like some little girl or somethin'.

GRIZLLY: In the end, that doesn't even matter either, because we mutually decided, going in large part on your advice, to stay out of the whole thing, and ignore it. To just, let things go, slide off our back, as you put it. And then shit got weird with Alyssa. I'm still not sure how.

XVL: Bullshit! We all know it started that night we all went out to Buffalo's Wings and Rings or whatever that place is called, and Alyssa showed up after her textversation with Beto. I felt like she crashed our gathering. It was just so awkward!

GRIZZ: But that wasn't the whole of it! Sure, we acted a bit cool towards her the next time we met, because I don't like lying, and that little stunt she pulled really

NINJA: -pissed me the fuck off,

GRIZZ: -but despite the awkwardness, I do believe we tried our best to keep things casual. Then one day, she just stopped. Stopped talking to us altogether.

NINJA: Good fuckin' riddance, yo.

XVL: No, not "good riddance," because if that was the case, if that was how you felt, you wouldn't be so tensed-up whenever we're around her. You wouldn't get so angry all the time. I mean, more than usual. This week wouldn't be going so horribly if you really didn't give a shit. But you do, and you need to stop. You're making us act petty, and I don't like it!

GRIZZ: In that respect, he's right, Ninja. You need to resolve your anger issues. It's giving us back problems.

XVL: Can't you focus on more positive things, like Mel or TVXQ?

NINJA: Mel's your friend, Xvl, and I ain't into K-Pop. UPS is my job, my workplace, I decide how to best act in it. Still, I's feel we did better today than yesterday. Yesterday, I was fuckin' pissed off to hell.

GRIZZ: Probably only because we saw very little of them at all today. In fact, I don't even recall seeing Alex at all. It was a good day.

XVL: You have poor Shifter in a static, trying to help us cope with all this stress. I really do believe we need to let Piojo take over things. For a few days at least, help us filter out all the pain.

NINJA: I ain't hurtin', dawg.

XVL: But your rage is hurting us. That's the part I'm trying to make you understand!

GRIZZ: Just... settle this, the both of you. Decide what you're gonna do, and how to go about it. But decide later. It's past 3:30 AM now, I'm fucking tired.

XVL: I'm tired, too, believe me. But I don't know what to do tomorrow. I just... wanna have a good day.

NINJA: Today was a better day for me than yesterday. Tomorrow'll be better'n today, count on it. All I's can promise is that I'll try.

GRIZZ: Good enough for me. Sal?

XVL: I... still think we need Piojo. I miss the numbness of his arms. The cold numb. Like stone in the moonlight...

NINJA: So le's make a deal, then. If things don' get better tomorrow, call him. I's won' fight it. I'll let Piojo take over the body if the anger gets too much. Maybe that way, we can all sleep.

GRIZZ: Speaking of sleep, you guys... c'mon, it's almost four.

XVL: Sure, okay. Goodnight.

*Xvl nuzzles his brothers' necks before heading towards the darkness of the Closet.*

NINJA: Bitch, your nose is cold!

*Yawning, we follow.*

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