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15 April 2004 - 21:45

throw me a bone here, dawg!

NINJA: Don'tcha just hate it, when you spend all day thinkin' up of somethin' funny and interestin' to write, and then you've got it all figured out, but when you actually sit down ta do it, the moment's gone and it ain't all that funny no more?

POLLA: Ha, you, write? Give me a break! That sounds more like Grizzly's problem.

GRIZZLY: No, because I always know what to write.

YANG: Oh, sure...

GRIZZLY: What? I do!

NINJA: And I too can write, dawg!

JACK (with a sigh): Ninja, Polla is not a dog.

NINJA (under breath): Yeah, but she sure is a bitch...

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