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01 October 2015 - 14:49

at the doctor's

GRIZZLY: I feel like my life right now is a whirlwind of doctors' appointments and double-shifts at UPS. I'm very tired, and cranky. It's very obvious, I think. We're bickering more. M.B. and Jack have been fussy. Even Sal and B' are upset, because despite the fact we have only one class this semester, we seem to be falling behind on our assignments. We have also been leaving TINC on the wayside, which is what Sal was trying to bring up yesterday, right?

Xvl: Yep. It's annoying. I feel like we're stuck, stagnant. Which means no flow of creativity, and it's getting under my skin.

*Slight pause as the Body slides down off the chair and onto the floor. We sit crosslegged. Ah... much better.*GRIZZLY: Gotta love the kids. They can be so practical, and they also have no qualms on making us look like a dumbass in public. Which we sometimes need. Like now. Anyhow, you were saying, Sal?

XVL: I'm not even sure anymore. I'm so tired. I really like the texture of this table on my forearms. What is this, marble?

GRIZZLY: Some kind of stone.

XVL: Mmm.

GRIZZLY: I have decided that the Ellen show is annoying. But that might be my opinion because I'm cranky. I really don't want to go back to work tonight. Pain in my ass, how does Ninja do it?

*Hey! Mom just got out! Jack reached up to her with his happy sleepy tentecles. "Memmi!" But she wants to leave. I concur. We're out!*

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