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09 March 2009 - 11:01


YANG: I am really annoyed with my sister right now. Oddly enough (well, I guess not quite so odd), Piojo is amused by all this. I don't find what's funny.

POLLA: I know! She never believes anything we say!

PIOJO: She should not. You are often wrong. To err is human.

POLLA: But you're not human, and this was your theory besides, Piojo. One which you claim is fact. Are you saying we're to not believe you anymore? You were lying to us?

PIOJO: I do not lie.

SVL: Random thought here - why does our finger hurt? And what's with all the typos?

YANG: Shut up, Svl.

SVL: No, seriously. And listen, you two weren't even there with Piojo last night. Two nights back? What he said makes sense to me. It might not make sense to Rosa Isela, but then again, we all know how she is.

POLLA: What are you getting at?

SVL: When she's uncomfortable with something, she avoids it.

GRIZZLY (muttering to self): We need to look up auras now...

NINJA: Get over it, Grizzler. What she b'leaves is what she wants t'b'leave. A demon could stare her in the fuckin' face an' she wouldn' rec'nize it. She's got no spirtual sensitivity whatsoever. She don' stop t'think 'bout that shit. We's gon' try t'prove demonology wit' science? Psht, get off.

GRIZZLY: Well, if we can't prove it with science, what's to say we're not wrong.

PIOJO: The voices you hear. You know where they lurk, you have seen them.

GRIZZLY: Yeah, but maybe I'm just crazy. Like Octomom, she said.

YANG: I'm telling you, she annoyes the fuck outta me.

BB: There's no reason for you to be annoyed, Yang. Piojo's right. People can disagree with you and have you still keep your convictions. If you feel annoyed, it's because you waver too easily. Because you don't really want to believe it's true in the first place. But I believe. So I don't much care what Totita thinks, no offense. I can love her and still disagree with her.

NINJA: I'm sleepy, yo'.

SVL: Me too. Let's go grab some cereal and take a nap.

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