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06 October 2005 - 06:01

Disgruntled Bear

GRIZZLY: I thought of us updating under the berkinix account, but after brief speculation decided against it. It's not all of us at work here, just me. Boring old me.

I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Read it in about a day and a half, which I am very proud to boast about, considering I had to restrain myself because of work and school. Sadly though, the story was not up to my expectations.

NINJA: Yeah, c'mon, Rowling, you're slackin' off!

GRIZZLY: Shut up, Ninja.

But yes, I was disappointed. Didn't seem to live up to the Order of the Phoenix, possibly because there wasn't enough of my favorite characters in there, like Snape and Padfoot and Lupin. And when Lupin was mentioned, he ends up with Tonks. Which isn't bad in itself, I like the character of Tonks; I'm just not sure I'm comfortable of her with Reamus. I mean, Rowling didn't even hint at their relationship being anything more than comradery in tOotP. That, and I've always liked the concept of Lupin being a lone wolf, so to speak. (No pun intended.)

Plus, the book was so rushed! Didn't give enough insight to the characters, in my humblest of opinions.

YANG: You're not sounding too humble now, Grizz.

*exasperated sigh* I really wish you guys would shut up in my head.

YANG: Our head.


As I was ranting just now, the book was rushed, no insights, or not enough, into the character's feelings. I mean, Rowling didn't really deal with Sirious's death, did she? Harry just sorta... pushed it out of his brain. Refused to speak of it, to show emotion. But I mean, it's her book, not mine. I just wished for more.

NINJA: Greedy-ass pig.

GRIZZLY: Shut up! God, it's impossible to type with you all up in there! Get back in the damn Closet, will you?

Great, now I'm sleepy, and your cats are mewing, BB! I'd better get off this thing, I've done enough for one sleep-deprived night.

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