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11 February 2022 - 23:55

you can't dive in limbo

Mom is trying to sleep through her stomachache. We should do the same. Instead, I'm contemplating on how to best eat this cup of chocolate pudding while also recognizing that it'll spike up my sugar levels.

We haven't heard back from Holly at all since we wrote to her, telling her about our multiplicity. I'm a little surprised and hurt, too, if I'm willing to admit it. I had thought she'd be more open-minded. Hoped. Ah, well.

And I keep telling ourself that she simply may not have had the opportunity to read her email yet. That perhaps she hasn't replied because she doesn't know what to say. (Hey: droppin' off th'face a'th' earth ain't th'answer, dawg.) I know, I know... And I'm probably making excuses for her because I like her. (I know you are.) Guys! Shut up!

Anyhow, a part of mes [Piojo. Shifter.] finds it fascinating how different people, both left-leaning by all accounts, react to the issue of plurality differently. Cat seems to have taken it in stride, more curious than anything else. Maybe culture does play a role in it.

But anyway, I'm still not trying to jump the gun on Holly, although I'm not holding out hope that she'll ever write back to us, either. I've never lost a friendship because of this multiplicity thing. Even when it makes the relationship awkward, we've never been ghosted before. It's... a strange situation to find ourself in, to say the least.

And, well, it's past midnight. Time to reset our writing quota and try to catch a few hours of sleep. We're trying to make it to the Preload again, after all. Let's hope we actually wake up.

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