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08 January 2006 - 12:44

I'm dizzy

I am tired.

Fuckin' tired, dawg.

I don't know how to feel, or think, or act, anymore. All I know is that I love her. We love her, I'm her knight in blackest armor; I have to be able to go on.

My mind spins. My world reels out of control, like a Russian roulette. I'm dissassociating again.

YANG - He's taking things pretty heavily right now; this is his sister we're talking about. His little sister. He needs to protect her, but doesn't know how. His usual shades of black have gotten blacker than his name, and he falls...

NINJA - If possible, he's taking things worse than his best friend. There's hatred and blind rage mingled with his sense of helplessness. Ninja is furious right now. He needs to go out... and kill something. Someone. There is nothing I can do to ebb his flow of tormented anger; I only pray Piojo can keep him in check.

(PIOJO: Don't I always?)

Right. Of course.

GRIZZLY - He and Svl are trying to keep their composure and authority as frontrunners; a task made more difficult by Ninja's lack of self-restraint. The bespectled youth throws back his untidy Harry Potter-like sable hair out of his face. His throat is dry and there's an ache in his chest, but he keeps his head up.

SVL - Like Grizzly, he maintains a cool demeanor, green-tinted lenses obscuring the worry in his sharp eyes. He sees the world through his green lenses and they clash horribly with Ninja's red world right now, making us all dizzy. Svl's shoulders sag, and his eyelids droop. We're all very fuckin' tired.

BB - She openly weeps for her sister; a physical sister that cannot really see or meet her completely. But BB cares nonetheless. Like Yang, she's taking this all pretty hard, adding to her pain the anguish and worry towards her nephew. She yearns for sleep.

JACK & GIS - I'm not sure they're fully aware of what's going on in our world, although I'm sure they feel the disturbance. It's obvious in Jack's subdued attitude at the moment, as his skin shifts hues, chameleon-like, from dull brown to a light gray. He sighs and closes his one eye, La Chiquita a su lado. She rests against him, her face rising and falling along with his tummy as he breathes. She appears asleep, but we know better.

POLLA - Her indignation and rage are apparant in her blazing eyes. They shoot sparks of hot fire; in this sense she is like Da Ninja, her brother. She will not be swayed into restfulness by any of the frontrunners, and refuses even to be close to her greatest love, Yang. Her manicured nails dig into her palms as she clentches her smooth fists. Her delicate nostrils flare slightly.

MOCO - Gish is at a standstill. He leans against the walls of the Closet and refuses to move. His eyes are wide open underneath the brim of his large sombrero. He seems numb with pain and something else seldom seen in him: rage. His dark eyes burn like coals.

PIOJO, the Protector - He stands in the doorway to it all, watching. He cannot feel, refuses to feel. He watches all through everliving eyes. He cares not for what the future may bring, he merely stands to keep the demons at bay. And this day, copious amounts of devils abound. They slither just outside, there - you see them?, hissing, murmuring, softly seething their lullaby of doom and hatred. They dare not get too close, though, for they know, as we do, that Piojo cares not for their music, finds no beauty in it, and shall stamp their heads with his bare and calloused foot should they come within his reach. He watches... and he waits. He tells us now that we must wait too.

The PROPHET - That thing is nowhere to be seen, but everywhere to be felt. It tingles upon the skin, vaporous and dry. Its touch upon our skin is cool, yet fills us within with warmth. It is difficult to explain. Perhaps we're just too tired to explain anything now. Perhaps... we just need to sleep it off.

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