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12 December 2008 - 15:11

dog[gone] days

BB: I am completely affronted and offended. Who the heck does that woman think she is? Of course my babies wouldn't ever hurt anyone! What kind of frickin' question is that?!

YANG: Calm down, BB. That lady was just concerned for her and her children's well-being.

BB: But my Puppers have never hurt anyone before! She said so herself, they've gotten loose before when she and her kids go by after school! And they've never attacked! The nerve!

GRIZZLY: I know you're concerned, B. We all are. Now whenever they bark we're gonna have to be on alert. And we need to pressure mom to hurry up and get those rejas up. We need to get that done before the year is halfway done, guys. We need to budget, and we need to look for alternatives. Our T�o obviously can't get the job done in time. In the meantime, though, we're gonna have to look for alternatives to restrain them all if they do get loose. That means muzzling them while we're not here, and talking them on walks during the day or at least on the weekend so they can let out some of their energy. In truth guys, this is something we should have started doing a long time ago. I already have the feeling Knightmare's gonna go through a few of those muzzles before a week is up.

BB: But we can't --

GRIZZLY: We have to, BB. Times are desperate. People will provoke our dogs into attacking so they can sue us for injuries and whatnot. And the dogs up front aren't even vaccinated! They'll make us put them to sleep, you know it. You want that for your babies? Do you? Of course not. So what we need to do is a few things. First off, those muzzles. By tomorrow, if possible. Or today, even better. When we got to HEB to look for some flowers for la Virgencita, we can look in the pet section for muzzles. Then this weekend, we make a schedule. All four dogs need to be taken on regular walks. The big ones, especially. And, on top of getting the barda fixed, another goal of ours needs to be to get those big guys their shots. All of them. Get them on a plan, like Shai and Mu�e are on. I think theirs are more vital to get than Beasters or Pat or Junior. The cats won't really be at risk of attacking anyone. But we have big dogs. We need to act now. And this time, we all have to get behind you on this. Someone doesn't want to comply, get me or Piojo. We can't slacken up on this, you guys.

BB: Oh, I'm so worried now, Grizzly! And there goes Puppers, barking again. *runs to window to see* It's that woman with her kids walking by. See? Only Knightmare barked, Midnight didn't even look at them! He's lying down! They're good boys!

YANG: B, chill, okay? No one's gonna hurt your dogs, but I think Grizz is right. We need to be extra-careful now. Our neighbors being concerned is no small thing. They should be able to feel safe walking around the neighborhood without the threat of our pets. We need to act fast, he's right on that. And there's gotta be something we can do, I know it. The bottom line is, we need to fence them in. And with something strong enough that we know they won't knock over or dig under. But it's no use worrying about it now. C'mon, let's look for our wallet so we can go to the store already.

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