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03 December 2019 - 14:50


Aaaaand we're back at work. Ugh. Coming in early sucks balls. Well, not really. What does suck balls is coming in early to work on a day that is too damn warm, and there isn't any work for us to do. Dull time with no work makes Ninja a playboy. [XVL: *laughing* What? NINJA: Makes Ninja impatient, yo.] No shit. To top things off, there was fresh bird shit on our keyboard, and our finger went right in it. Totes groders, as Polla would say. Also, the guys downstairs are listening to some really shitty music. I mean really shitty. When people start remaking 80's songs into reggaetón, you know the music industry's got nowhere left to go. And it kinda sounds like they're calling my nickname, so I keep wanting to go over to the edge of my area and yelling out to them, see what they want. "Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris," I hear to the awful techno-beat. Gah, I guess it could be worse. We could be down there, working along to that horrid music. Fuck it, we're putting our ear buds on. (Technically, we only wear one at a time, just in case someone really is calling us.)

One earbud later (listening to the K-Pop Top 10 podcast):
I'm very sleepy right now. Good thing one of my coworkers just arrived. These doldrums were driving us crazy!

Lately, we've been itching to take up making up my own alphabet again. I kind of feel like part of that pressure is coming from Piojo, but I'm not sure why he'd want that. In any case, Sal and I have been working on it internally, on and off. I figure Sal's good with design and calligraphy, so he'd be good at it. You have us sitting around like dumbasses, making all the vowel sounds and combinations we can think of and jotting down notes on scratch paper. Now that we have some experience with Hangul, we want to take notice of how that alphabet is structured. Unlike Hangul, though, which is stacked on top of each other to form syllable blocks, we want to make our alphabet layered, where vowels overlap the consonants to make syllable blocks.

Such a random entry today. Truth is, we don't really feel like updating, but since there's absolutely nothing to do at work for the moment, we figure we'd rather keep busy. Otherwise, I'll fuckin' DIE, dawg. Can't stand this shit.

Well, it's break time, which, as Ninja pointed out, means there ain't shit of work for the entire warehouse. Seriously, it's going to be a long day. Ninja likes movement. When there isn't any, he retreats Inside and jams out to music. This leaves either me, Sal or BB to handle our workplace, and none of us are really good at it, nor do we like it. So everyone is miserable.

So anyway, we were talking about making our own alphabet, right? Maybe we should work on that instead of typing stuff here. I don't want to, though, because we won't be able to give it a proper amount of time. I want to nap. Random thought: I wonder if zombies would be able to climb stairs. Would they know to lift one leg above the other? I get the feeling that they wouldn't, but they'd probably try to climb some if following prey. Most would fall, but I figure eventually they would pile up on top of each other enough to kinda climb up on all fours over the fallen ones. I don't know why I'm drifting off to these thoughts now. It makes me wanna curl up in Piojo's quilted embrace, even though I'm not stressed or sad about anything right now. "Byeeee!" trills Elizabeth, the annoying host on the K-Pop Top 10 podcast. "Byeee!" indeed. I'm off this shit.

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