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11 December 2019 - 16:40


NINJA: BB was dominant at work t'day, when we came in. 'Cause of the "dynamic stretches", erm, "warm-ups" we started t'day. She loves teachin' stuff. Her voice goes all sugery sweet n' all. She's too damn cute. Me, I'd've been like, "learn this, fuckers!" She's nice'r n' me. I's like co-runnin' shit wit' her. Grizz's righ'. She's like our den ma'. Bein' wit' her makes me all warm n' fuzzy. Like the little shit.

BB: Oh, you mean Mowgli! He is too adorable, isn't he? But you know it wasn't just me with you, right? At the PCM? Polla was there, too.

NINJA: Yeah, I's noticed. Bitch's still here.

POLLA: Shut up, monster. *sticks out tongue*

YANG: That one's new.

POLLA: Well, that's what he acts like. He's just bitter because I'm the better dancer. *flips hair*

*Ninja rolls his eyes*

GRIZZLY: Okay, settle down, children. Look, it's nice that you ladies came forward to help this big lug, but simmer down a bit now, okay? After all, this is Ninja's job.

NINJA: Yeah, I's don' go to where you work an' slap the dick outta yer mouth.

XVL: Only because she hasn't got a job! *Xvl & Ninja laugh and high five*

GRIZZLY: *scowling* So immature. You make it hard to defend sometimes, you know?

POLLA: Lighten up, Grizzly. We were only kidding around. At least, I don't take this idiot too seriously anymore. But you're right. Now that the demo's over, this place is getting dull fast. And I'm starting to notice how filthy it is. Didn't we just clean this place the day before yesterday? Now there's bird shit on the screen again! Ew, seriously. I'm going back Inside. See you guys on the flipside! *She flips her hair back over her shoulder one last time and fades into the dimness of the Closet*

XVL: Well, the Turks are about to come on soon. Let's quit this now while we're not distracted.

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