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29 March 2005 - 12:30


POLLA: Wow! We got the interview!!!!
PIOJO: That doesn't mean we got the job.
POLLA: Well, burst my bubble then!
JACK: Bubble? JACK LIKES BUBBLES!!!! Jack is happy and Jack wants bubbles NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Yang eyes Jack warily and edges away s-l-o-w-l-y*
NINJA: I's hope we's do get dis job, tho'.
YANG: Yeah, we could work in a less... er... *glances sideways at Polla* ... less confined enviornment.
SVL: Oh, just say it, Yang! We finally get to wear what we like, instead of having to dress up in stiff preppy clothing like at Penncro!
YANG: Yeah.
*Gis blows bubbles in the background, oblivious to all, and Jack chases them happily trying to pop them with his nose. He doesn't seem to care that he doesn't have a nose*
POLLA: What are you guys talking about? It was business casual attire at Penncro! It wasn't stiff! I was comfortable.
NINJA: Yeah, well, you's was the only one that was! Even BB looked forward to the dress-down days on the weekends, didn't ya, B?
BB: Sure, sure thing.
YANG: *sigh* Ah, UPS... can you guys imagine the possabilities...?
POLLA: I know a big one I can tell you right now! And that's this: we're gonna sweat. A lot. Ew!
PIOJO: Get over it.
SVL: Yeah, you had your fun at the office. Now it's our turn!
BB: I don't mind getting a bit sweaty.
POLLA: Well, of course you don't, you're always rolling around in the dirt with your mutts!
BB (sharply): So?
JACK (still chasing soap bubbles like mad around the closet): JACK LIKES DIRT!!!!!!!
*Gis giggles*
NINJA: I dunno, dawg. I'm relaxed. I think I'm ready for this.
GRIZZLY: I'm nervous, but it's the good kind. Like I can't wait to try it out! *grins*
YANG (putting his arm around Polla): And look at things this way, babe. With all that lifting of packages and shit, we'll finally lose that extra weight!
NINJA: Yeah, we'll kick ass, yo!
POLLA (dubiously): Oh, well... I just hope you guys are right.
MOCO: Vas a ver que s�.
*In the background, Jack finally jumps up joyfully and manages to pop a bubble with his face. The Prophet smiles*
JACK: Haha! POP!

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