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02 June 2019 - 16:22


GRIZZLY: Well, we haven't updated this thing in a while. Life's been busy, and more than a bit hectic, and perhaps I'm just making excuses for ourself. I mean, we only barely just picked up Yupi's ashes from the vet's this week, and she died back in January. We need to work on our time management, seriously.

Anyhow, the reason why I'm typing this up is because–

NINJA: Yeah, yeah, the thing with Ángel.

XVL: Your accent's slipping up there, partner.

NINJA: Piss off, bitch, I's talk how I want.

GRIZZLY: Guys, please. Knock it off; that's not why we're here.

BB: Do you think it's our fault?

PIOJO: Do not flatter yourself. We cannot dictate what happens in an Outsider's brain.

GRIZZLY: But we can influence it. I mean, c'mon, Piojo, we're one of the kid's role models. He used to call us Dad, remember?

PIOJO: We have been extremely careful not to bring up multiplicity around your sister's children during their formative years. Also, were you not the one who came up with the theory that plurality is genetic? We observed symptoms in our own father, and have received similar feedback from other systems online. What surprises you?

GRIZZLY: It's Ángel, though. I feel so stupid and blind that we didn't recognize the symptoms earlier! We were so worried about Kokoro-bo developing multiple personalities because he's the overtly quirky one, and Papo always seems so calm and collected, that I didn't stop to think that as a kid we were the one who was quiet and out of the way, and solitary. We were considered odd because we weren't spunky and friendly and kept to ourself. We'd talk to ourself, but never in public, at least not with people within earshot. And Ángel has been doing that for years and we never saw it. That's what's frustrating me, I guess. I'm supposed to be a keen observer, damnit!

BB: Don't be so hard on yourself, Grizzly. Be happy that he trusted us enough to come to us.

XVL: Besides, it's not about you, or any of us. It's about our nephew and the fact that now we have many more nephews within one nephew, and we need to be there for all of them. If it's weird for us, I can't imagine what it must be like for them.

NINJA: We don't gotta imagine, dumbass. We's been through this shit, too. I's remember bein' in that teenage phase. Pain in my ass, is what it was.

GRIZZLY: I've been telling you this for a while... you need to talk to Ángel, Ninja. He needs you now. They all do.

NINJA: Don' toss all this shit t'me, dawg. It ain't jus' my respons'bility.

BB: In all honesty, I think Mom's right. We've done everything we can for now, and we need to give Papo time to sort things out in his head. At least he has us along for the ride, when he needs us. We had to navigate things on our own. He'll be okay.

GRIZZLY: God, I sure hope so.

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