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24 December 2019 - 17:55


GRIZZLY: We were running late for work (clocked in seven minutes late!) and so we're a bit frazzled. Well, that, coupled with our upcoming road trip tomorrow, having to feed and contain Mowgli ('Ama's still scared of him) before going in to work, finding a clean pair of pants (clean-ish), and Cecilia's sudden quick visit to drop off Christmas presents... yeah, too much for us to handle in less than half an hour. But it's our fault, ultimately, for procrastinating. Should've gotten moving on this stuff since early in the morning, but we chose to stay in bed. I blame Sal.

XVL: Hey!

GRIZZLY: Well, it's true. However, chill out, I'm only half-serious. We're all lazy asses. We let you dominate and play games on the phone with Jack and Yowlie, even though it bores the rest of us. I think it might be depression. Especially today. Especially with how 'Ama's been feeling. Still, I don't feel like dwelling on negative shit today. It's Christmas Eve, after all.

GRIZZLY: Ugh. Sugey put on some really crappy music on the radio. I have our earbuds with us, and am wearing one. I was planning on listening to TYT while I worked, but I'm just not feeling it right now. Dammit, I think it is depression.

NINJA: Fuck.

GRIZZLY: Seriously.

"Thank you for helping!" BB calls out to Mariana as the latter makes her way down the DataCap stairs. Mariana looks back over her shoulder and smiles at us. Bachata music is playing over the radio now. We friggin' hate bachata music. Reminds us of Talegas, my sister's ex. We put on John Iadarola's show to drown it out, and now someone's weepy (I think it's BB) because he wished the audience a Merry Christmas Eve and hoped we were spending time with our loved ones. It inadvertently reminded us of how alone we feel today. Goddamit, I really do think it's depression!

GRIZZLY: Aw, Josie found a penny and gave it to us. She said we'd get good luck, and that instantly made Jack happy, which made the rest of us feel better, because Jack's infectious like that. He is now parading around a bright shade of neon red, like the light of our scanner.

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