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15 September 2004 - 23:29

exhaustful exam!

SVL: Ugh! I am so tired...

GRIZZLY: Tell me about it. My brain feels all tingly.

POLLA (gasping): We passed the exam! We passed the exam --!

YANG (with sleepy satisfaction): Yup...

NINJA: We's need ta celebrate!

PIOJO: *grunts* Celebrate once we take the real exam. This was just a practice one.

POLLA: Well, burst our bubble, why don't you!

BB: Anyway, this internet exam does count as part of our grade, you know. And if we passed this one, we just might pass the real one too!


PIOJO: I wouldn't count on it. For this exam you were able to use your book. There was no professor around to make sure we weren't ruffling through our notes. Tomorrow, you're dead.

POLLA: *gasps* Don't say that!

MOCO: Que la lengua se te haga chicharron!

PIOJO: En verdad crees que si?

*Clan is quiet for some time*

NINJA: Oh wells. At least we tried, dawg. An' that's good enough fer me! Now, who wants some booze?

JACK: Me! Meeeeee!!!!!! Jack wants boo's! BOOOOOOO!!!! Jack knows many boo's! There are ghostie-boo's and boo's for when people on the TV don't like Brittney Spears! *smiles happily*

*Ninja looks exasperated, but Grizzly laughs, and so does Yang*

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