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23 August 2018 - 04:29


GRIZZLY: We promised Polla that we would let her have a more active hand at our hygiene, which is why we're up at this hellish hour with mineral gel the color and texture of semen all over our face.

POLLA: Ew, no it isn't! Besides, I was bugging us to shower hours ago. You boys were the ones wasting time.

XVL: Meh, she has a point.

POLLA: Thank you.

GRIZZLY: Whatever, we're still gonna regret it in the morning. Actually, I should clarify: I'll regret it in the morning. You fucks will probably sleep through the entire thing!

YANG: You chose to be a frontrunner, not us. No one's making you.

GRIZZLY: That's not how it works, dumbass.

XVL: When can we wash this off again? Do we wash it off? Is this one of those peel-off facial things?

POLLA: Actually, I'm not sure. The clay masque was a wash-off, and I figured this one and the charcoal ones would be peels, but I don't feel this one hardening.

Ninja stifles a smirk, fails, and ends up laughing aloud, joined by Yang.

POLLA: You perv!

YANG: You walked right into that one, babe.

XVL: Hey, so, when?!

POLLA: Calm down, crybaby, it's almost dry!

GRIZZLY: It's almost 5 AM, we're going to get maybe an hour of sleep. C'mon, get this shit off our face!

POLLA: *sigh* Fine.

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