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09 October 2005 - 12:18

end of the fairy tale

BB (trying to sound cheerful): Well, Cyanide's looking a lot better today!

YANG: And how're you holding up, B?

BB (voice trembling): I'm... fine, I suppose. Yes, I'm alright... or I will be...

POLLA: You seem sad BB. Don't worry, okay? Goldie will be alright. She's going to a good home.

NINJA: An' what guarantees us of dat?

POLLA: Shut up, you! You're not helping!

NINJA: I'm jus' sayin' what B's really thinkin' right now, ain't I?

BB: Yes... that's what I'm thinking now. But I don't wanna think at all today, Ninja. I don't want to think at all! *breaks down into uncontrollable sobs*

GRIZZLY: Aw, don't cry, BB! *puts an arm around her shoulders*

BB: I don't w-w-want Diana to take away my baby! D-d-don't wanna! Give her back, give her back, she's my baby!

POLLA: There, there, BB... I'm so sorry...

SVL: There's nothing we can do about it now... she's gone already, B...

BB: I kn-know that! But my poor baby! She's not old enough! Why couldn't mom wait? Why couldn't she wait, dammit?!

PIOJO: That's enough. Ya no chilles.

YANG: Stop being an ass, Piojo.

PIOJO: It's not my intention to be. But crying won't help the little one you have left, BB.

BB: I know tha-at, Piojo. And I'll g-get over it, I know I will.


*And BB shuffles over in drowsy misery to Piojo, who wraps his blanketed arms around her. She leans into his cold embrace, tired.

BB: I d-d-don't wanna lose her too... I'm already losing Cyanide...!

PIOJO: Ya no pienses. Death and parting are natural parts of Life. La vida sigue. Ya no pienses, solo duerme. El Trio se puede encargar del Cuerpo hoy.

NINJA: Yeah, don' worry, B. We'll clean up the room some an' take care a your other kitty-cat.

*but BB no longer hears him. She is asleep*

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