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14 August 2005 - 02:18


POLLA: Yang and I have sex. There, I said it. High time I said it, too. What's more, I like it. Actually, I love it! And how can I not? I love him... and damn, does he know how to move!

*Yang grins*

YANG: Glad you liked it, princess.

SVL: You two are sick. Honestly.

POLLA: Shut up, you.

And yes, we have sex with each other. How can we, though? Since we share the same body? It's not that difficult to figure out, really.

YANG: We masturbate. The body does, anyway. But it's something completely different going on inside our brain, believe me.

All of this clashes with the entire way we were raised. Catholicism and shit like that. That's why the others don't like it, I guess. But I can't really help it. Well, I guess I could, if I tried, but I don't really want to. Neither does she, which is why we keep at it. It's not like we only do it out of lust, though I gotta admit, that's a strong factor. The truth is, I love Polla, and I know she loves me. I'd marry her if I could.

POLLA: Really? You mean that?

YANG: 'Course I do.

POLLA: Oh, Yang! I'd marry you too!

NINJA: Gawd, this is gross. It's so wrong, dawg!

SVL: Tell me about it. Are we the only ones up besides these two?

NINJA: Nah, don' think so. We're just the ones that bitch 'bout this the most. Grizzler an' BB seem ta have accepted it fer the most part. Prophet always fades when these two go at it - and they say I'm the perv! - an' you know Piojo.

SVL: Yeah, he'll torture us personally when we get to Hell.

YANG: Or when we go to sleep.

*Ninja glances at Yang with disgust*

NINJA: You two done makin' out over there?

YANG: Yeah. Man, you need to go get laid yourself, Ninja.

NINJA: That ain't what my life's 'bout, dawg. I's got 'ther shit ta do.

SVL: I don't get it, Yang. It's just so weird. Why do you guys keep doing... what you do, if you know it bothers the rest of us so much?

YANG: I shouldn't even have to answer that. You know how I love her. I'm crazy about her. And we're never gonna have anyone else in our lifetime, might as well have each other. Because I mean, really. Do you honestly believe there's a chance anyone out there would take us? The way we are?

SVL: You got a point there. I don't think anyone would take any one of us individualy, let alone together. But still. It's creepy when you guys do that. 'Cause in the end, we're all the same fuckin' person, Yang, and we can all feel each other's emotions and stuff.

NINJA: An' I don't like gettin' turned on by you, dawg.

*awkward silence*

YANG: You... you guys get turned on by me?

SVL: To a certain level, duh. Why does it surprise you so much? We might not be there at the moment it happens, you know we usually leave the Closet, but we're there for the aftermath... and the memories haunt us as much as they do for you.

YANG: But they don't really 'haunt' me...

NINJA: 'Cuz you like it, not me. Not any of us. Why the fuck you think the Prophet leaves? And it's been comin' back less an' less. It scares me! Piojo's pullin' away too, unless ya haven't noticed. He won' cut us no more afterwards, won' plauge us with guilt trips so much. It's like he gave up tryin' ta fix it, fix us, whatever. He an' the Proph jus' leave, an' I's got no memories of where they go off to, or what they do anymore.

SVL: I know. Psychologically speaking, it's like they're traveling further and further into our brain, becoming less and less a part of us and just a deep part of memory. If they leave, I don't think we'll make it too long. We'll go insane for real and commit suicide or something.

NINJA: Dude, don' say that!

SVL: You know it's true.

YANG: And you're blaming all this on me and Polla? But that's not fair! You guys are as much a bunch of screw-ups as I'll ever be! I mean, you, you're so violent, Ninja! Don't think I can't see your fantasies of ripping people up for no reason at all. You think of crashing Palomo all the time, of beating people you don't like into pulp, of underground violent rap and getting a gun--

NINJA: Maybe, dawg, but I's never go through wit' any of it. I don't make the rest of us do anything they don't wanna. Because I'm aware of the needs of the others.

YANG: Shit, and you think I don't? You think Polla doesn't?

NINJA: You've never proven otherwise, my man. Just once I'd like you to hold back. Or her. For more than a month, I mean. Just for the 40 fuckin' days of Lent or somethin'. But ya'll's can't even do that.

SVL: He's right, you know. Maybe if you two showed a little dicipline once in a while, the rest of us wouldn't mind so much.

YANG: *sigh* Maybe. I never really thought about it.

PIOJO: Of course you haven't. You never have.

NINJA: Dawg! Where'd you come from?! Don' lurk there in the shadows, you scared the crap outta me!

SVL: How long have you been standing there, anyway?

PIOJO: If any of you paid attention, you would've seen that I've been here a while. And that the Yin is gone.

YANG: Where is Polla, anyway?

PIOJO: I put her to sleep. She was tired. You are too. You should go join her.

YANG: No thanks.

PIOJO: Did that sound like a request to you? Go on, then. I need to speak with your brothers.

Eeep! The Clan members are brothers?! We're siblings?!

Well, no shit, Sherlock. We all look a-fuckin'-like, except for Jack. And even then, he does look like us, when he's in his human form (which is rare, but yeah, he has one). I mean, we all share the same fuckin' body. Whoever hadn't figured this out a shitload long time ago is a dead-beat moron. Or suffers from slight mental retardation and probably ate paint chips as a child. Mixed with glue. Yeah. Whichever pisses you off most. Fuckers.

PIOJO: Okay, that's enough, Ninja, you're getting carried away again.

YANG: See what I mean about the violence?

NINJA: Shut up, ya sodomist. Polla's our sister and you're screwing her. Go away already.

PIOJO: Both of you shut up, and get out of here already Yang, before I force you into a coma.

Now, you two need to quit your bitching and leave those two alone.

SVL & NINJA: What?!

PIOJO: You heard me. YWHJ* will deal with them when the time comes. You're no one to judge. Neither am I, for that matter, which is why I stopped cutting, if you were wondering. Physical wounds won't fix them anyway. I have learned that. So I just go away for a while and spend time with Our Soul until it's safe to return. I know you don't like the taste it leaves in our mouth sometimes. I don't either. But just go hang with Grizzly and the others or sleep through it like Juaquin. In fact, go to sleep now. This is not the time to be up. The body must get up early tomorrow.

SVL: Yeah, I almost forgot... 'shopping!'

NINJA: Yeah, we've been at this for almost an hour. I'm tired as shit. But we will deal this out later, you an' me, Piojo.

PIOJO: Get over your anger-management issues first. Then we will see.

*Svl and Ninja follow through the doorway Yang used earlier. Ella viene y se para detras de mi. Always will She be at my side, my Love, mi Dama. But I won't tell you who I speak of. Because really, it is none of your goddamned business.*

*SIDENOTE: YWHJ is the way Piojo pronounces the name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Don't ask the rest of us how to say it, because it's not like you can hear us if we say it out loud. Apart from that, no one except him and the Prophet pronounce it that way anyway. And the Prophet doesn't speak to other mortals besides us, and Piojo would just refuse.

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