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05 September 2018 - 09:56

something fishy

We were up early this morning (all things considered), and were getting ready to go to the gym. 'Ama looked over to us as we were getting dressed, and convinced us to wait until tomorrow, so she could go with us. As we sat back down onto the cot, we pulled a bottled lemonade from our mini-refrigerator and took a sip. Which woke Jack up. Who then remembered the leftover sardines from last night's dinner. Happily, he reached over for the bowl...

XVL: Jack, no! Don't eat that! It stayed out!

JACK: Sal, the food was not out. It is in a bowl.

XVL: It stayed out of the refrigerator! We were supposed to throw it away last night, remember? But we forgot and fell asleep. It's not good anymore!

Jack cautiously lifted the paper plate covering the food and took a sniff.

JACK: It smells good! Sal! It still smells good! We can eat it!

XVL: *groan* No, we can't! That's not how it works! *tries to be patient* Jack, the fish stayed out of the fridge, so it wasn't kept cold-

JACK: The room was cold, the room has A/C!

XVL: That is not cold enough, Jack. Jeesus, don't you remember Sanitation at all?! The food is contaminated, it has germs now! Bacteria!

JACK: *deep sigh as he shakes his head* No, no, Sal. There are no germs in the fish because Jack covered it last night, see? *waves the paper plate around* No bacteria got in!

XVL: The bacteria was already there, doofus! When you don't keep food at an adequate temperature, it multiplies-

It should be noted that this entire time, Jack was busy grabbing some crackers and breaking them into adequate bite-sized morsels and getting ready to load them up with the old sardine mixture.

XVL: Jack, stop it, don't eat that, don'tdoit!!!

Too late, of course that didn't work. Xvl slumped back against the wall of the Closet, a look of abject horror and defeat on his face.

XVL: Nooo! God dammit, we're going to get food poisoning!

JACK: *between mouthfuls* Sal, there is no poison in the food.

XVL: You're a moron!

JACK: *pouts* Sal is very rude today.

Jack sniffled a bit, but continued eating. He didn't cry, because he was too busy stuffing our face. (It's hard to make Jack really upset while he's eating. Food is his main source of comfort.) Still, seeing as how each bite was making Xvl more and more agitated, Jack decided not to eat the entire thing and satisfied himself with only a few mouthfuls. About four crackers laden with fish. He then washed it down with lemonade.

XVL: Why? Why didn't anyone stop him? Why couldn't I stop him? I get that I haven't been front-running lately, but I should've been able to take control of the body away from him! What the hell?!

We both look over at Jack, who is contentedly rubbing against Ninja. Of course. My brother looks over at us and grins, then turns to Jack, who beams up at him, all adoration. "Worth it!" Ninja says as our upset stomach begins to grumble. He and Jack high-five.

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