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09 January 2007 - 02:43


It's very late, and we are in a turmoil.

"Caught in the undertow, just caught in the undertow," mutters Da Ninja rapidly under his breath, filling every crevice of the Closet.

We have the heavy suspicion that we are currently the cause of attraction for some kid at work. Well, no, kid he is not. He's older than us, actually. But his smile is like that of a child. At least that's what BB says. And we tease each other, as is Polla's way with most people whose company she enjoys, and Ninja's, as well, but we don't want him to take things the wrong way. Y'know, that he'll think we're flirting and then he'll wanna be with us and stuff. Like a guy would wanna be with a girl. Because we're not a girl. Not just a girl, anyway, and that's the problem. I don't know if anyone out there can understand, except maybe another system.

*sigh* How we wish we knew other systems! Other than Pifas's Peeps, o'course. Someone who was aware of what they were, who's stable and in command of their varying emotions, who could lend us a couple of helping hands. But alas, no, we are alone. And I yearn evermore for a psychiatrist. Maybe that's what we need, along with some Valium.

POLLA: Will anyone ever accept us the way we are, do you think?

NINJA: A'course not, dawg. It's why we keep our mouth shut.

POLLA: But what if Toty's right? And we should just give things a chance to happen?

NINJA: Happen? Into what? Nuthin' will happen. Or whaddo you think's gonna happen when Josh finds out what we be? Y'think he'll wanna go out wit' me? *smirk*

YANG: Or that any of us will wanna go out with him?

BB: I wouldn't mind, honestly.

POLLA: Me neither. I like Josh. He's really fun. I think I like him anyway.

SVL: No, you like the attention he gives you, which is different. And what makes you think we can trust him, anyway?

POLLA: Augh, there you go again with your stupid assumptions and suspicions!

GRIZZLY: Presumptious? Maybe. Stupid? I think not. It could all be an act on his part, you know, one that you're too quixotic and na�ve to see through. Ever thought that perhaps he's in league with Denise?

POLLA: Oh, please!

BB: He doesn't strike me as the type.

MOCO: Caras vemos...

BB: Oh, Moco!

POLLA: Why are you guys always such pricks? Why must you always mistrust people around us? Not everyone is bad!

PIOJO: Not one person has yet to not betray us in one form or anyther, especially when they discover what we are. I will not stand for that from anyone.

POLLA: I know. You will kill first.

And thus chaos reigns within the walls of the Closet. Thankfully, the children remain kept unaware of it all, and are content to play with each other on the bed, sitting atop the lumpy patchwork quilt.

YANG: After all, we've got the Monkey Boy to think about now.

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