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28 December 2009 - 19:47

fond of the word

NINJA: Dawg, I was fuckin' hungry!

SVL: I know. Fucking Nacho, taking our apple like that...

YANG: If you didn't want him to, you should've told him so, Svl. You're such a fuckin' girl.

SVL: Shut the fuck up, bitch. Your momma's a girl.

YANG: Well, duh. Man, you really suck at this insult crap.

MB: El roof de mi mouth hurts.

BB: I know! I wonder what's causing it.

NINJA: Estrogen.

POLLA: Oh, shut up! You guys always blame the estrogen!

YANG: Y'know, we should go answer Edgar's email. We've really got to tell everyone we're not going to the End of Year party. :(

NINJA: Yeah... we'll's deal wit' our own shit later.

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