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02 February 2006 - 10:22

c'mon, frontrunner!

NINJA: "I do what I gotta do, I don't care if I get caught. The DA can play this mutherfuckin' tape in court. I'll kill you! I ain't playin'... Hear what I say, homie I ain't playin'... Muthafucka I'ma kill you! I ain't playin'... Hear what I say, homie, I ain't playin'..."

SVL: Well someone's feeling violent today!

GRIZZLY: Fo' shizzle!

NINJA: Shut da fuck up, dawg, I jus' got dat song in my head is all.

SVL: Because you're feeling violent.

NINJA: Cuz she be feelin' violent. *nods to Polla, who sits some distance away*

GRIZZLY: *sigh* I swear, this shit's going to far.

NINJA: I know, but what the fuck ya want me ta do 'bout it? It's not like I can smack her. Well, I's could, but it wouldn' make a goddamn diff'rence. She jus' be hateful right now. An' don't bother her. I don' want her eyes glowin' all green and creepy an' shit. God damn!

*Svl shakes his head*

SVL: You're a frontrunner, dammit! You've gotta be able to control your charges!

NINJA: I don' see you makin' no damn diff'rence, Frontrunner.

SVL: Oh, fuck off!

*Grizzly laughs*

GRIZZLY: Y'know, I wonder if there's anything we could do to make things easier for Polla. Y'know, other than take over the body. She's really suffering! Pobrecita...

NINJA: Her own fuckin' fault, dawg.

GRIZZLY: Is it, really? Think about it. I mean, you can't control her, right? None of us can. But I don't think she can control herself either right now. Her emotions are all jumbled up, and it frustrates her.

NINJA: She ain't jumbled up, dawg, she be jealous as fuck is all.

GRIZZLY: *sigh* I know, I know. I wonder when all this shit's gonna go away? Piojo said we need to give it time...

NINJA: Piojo can go straight ter Hell for all I's care. He don't gotta deal wit' that bitch gettin' outta line! All he does is stand there an' watch, and stop us from pimp-slappin' her becuz he says it be "good" fer us. Bullshit! We wuz better off before we ever met the kid! We've never hit it this hard b'fore, have we?

SVL: *cough! cough!* Joel! *cough! cough!*

NINJA: Dat wuz diff'rent, dawg. An' it wuzn't dat bad wit' dat loser, was it?

GRIZZLY: Oh, I beg to differ! Has it really been so long that you don't remember? That shit lasted for years! In fact, until we met the damn Kid, Polla and B were still hung up on the guy!

SVL: You probably don't remember so well because it wasn't you who had to deal with the whole gig; it was Grizzler and me. Mostly Grizz, granted, but... oh, c'mon! You can't be that dense! You've gotta remember the way they got!

NINJA: I 'member, I 'member... Still, I's don' think it ever got ta this point an' I'll tell ya why. Joel wuz a total pussy, man! He wuz a freak, hung out wit' the weird crowd dat Yang likes. That we knew of, he never went out wit' any chics or shit. He wuz too shy. An' dat gave the girls this feelin' of power. Kinda like, "If I can't have him at least no one else can" sort a deal. He drifted in an' outta our lives a mystery. We never really knew what he did on his own time. The Kid? Shit, he goes out and parties each an' every fuckin' night! He don' hide it. He don't hide the fact that he talks to chics and prob'ly screws 'em either. An' that's what's drivin' Polla nuts. She ain't ever gon' have him. An' good fuckin' riddance, I say. We ain't losin' out on much.

SVL: Hmm... good point. Still, Grizz is right. I wish there were something we could do for her. I don't like to see her like this -- shit, it brings us all down! And it doesn't help that BB's hung over it too.

NINJA: *shruggs* They'll get over it, they've gotta. It's 'bout time they learn dat we gon' be alone fer the rest of our life. It ain't so bad, really, when it comes down to it. Once they let it go. Piojo's right. We can't do shit 'bout it, tho'. Jus' let time soothe shit over. It be all we can do, ta handle this monster these bitches done made.

*Grizzly sighs, and his shoulders sag, defeated.*

GRIZZLY: This sucks bollocks.

SVL: Ditto.

NINJA: Aw, get over it. Yer frontrunners, c'mon! Ya should be able ta hack it more! *smirk*

GRIZZLY & SVL: (in unison) Fuck you!

*Ninja laughs, shakes his head, and goes back to drumming his fingers along Big Blue's wooden body.*

NINJA: "Weak motherfuckers don't deserve ta breathe! How many niggas gon' die for me? Yea-yeay! West coast ridas, comin' right behind ya, never wanna fuck wit' me! I want money, ho's, sex and weed; I won't rest 'til my world dawgs' free! Bumb first we, bumb first when we ride. Please! Reconsider 'fore you die. We ain't even come here to hurt nobody tonight, but it's my life or your life! An' I'ma bumb first!" *laughs* Let us pray, my nigga!

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