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30 January 2020 - 22:14

get moving again

We didn't go to the gym today. We were supposed to start going regularly again this year. So far, we've only been twice: last Friday, and yesterday. Ninja likes it. Had us listening to Rob Zombie while he worked out. Polla likes it, too, because we get to shower there, and she likes having a functioning shower (the one at home doesn't work, and we have to shower by filling a five-gallon stock pot with water and then scooping it out over us with a pitcher. I swear, 'Ama's house is falling apart. I know things will get better once she retires and she has time to clean up enough to where it's decent and she won't be ashamed to call a plumber proper. 'Cause before we can start doing any kind of work on the house, we need to get rid of the rats. Mowgli's growing fast, and seems to have boundless energy, so I hope he'll be up to the task. He'll certainly have the size for it. We're thinking he might be part Maine coon, which is awesome, because aside from being gorgeous cats, they're HUGE and used for hunting. We found the toys we'd bought him over Christmas and gave him the stuffed toy gingerbread man, and he went ape shit over it. He's been growling and hissing at it, which again, I hope he soon does to the rats around the house. Beasters can teach him how. She's a good hunter herself. Killed two rats two straight nights in a row once we let her out of the carrier at long last. I love my damn cats. BB's cats. Whatever. At this point, it's mainly Ninja and BB who handle animal care.

Speaking of my brother, I've noticed he's being a lot more active now, cutting into activities that I or Sal handle. I have to nudge him back a bit or at least "Auror" with him (that DBZ merge-shit we do sometimes), but Sal just completely rolls over and lets him take over the body. It's as though Sal's becoming more and more internalized, and is content to nap all day inside the Closet. Until we get our room organized and the mess and rats gone, I'm not sure that's such a bad thing. It certainly allows us to be less stressed or guilt-ridden that Sal was spending all day on game apps. Anyhow, we've gotta get going. Just wanted to update this thing real quick because the month is almost over, and I don't want us to lose the habit of keeping up with this thing. Lord knows in the past we've let entire months go by without updating.

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