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04 December 2008 - 14:51


We've been reading the online diary entries of another multiple system--

See, now he's embarrassed, guys.

I ain't.

*laugh* That diary has an online playlist, much like we do on our berkinix diary. But a song came out on this one by LeeAnn Womack, the song I Hope You Dance, and instead of pausing the playlist so we could read the entry, we just decided to let it play, because we like that song. And it was funny (but cute), because usually BB's the one that sings along to it, or maybe Polla, but this time our voice was kinda deep, and with an accent. Yep, Ninja was singing the song. I thought it was so cute! Ninja hardly ever sings along to things like that. It was sorta... endearing, I suppose. But we didn't stop him. It felt good; Ninj's a good guy.

Today I really hope we have a good day. We got to talk to Neni on the phone. She actually said "Hello." And I understood it! I felt so proud for both of us. It's good to hear her talk. Angel didn't wanna talk to us, though, but that's okay. We'll see him in two weeks, and I'm really excited about it. Svl wants to dye our hair Shocking Blue for the occasion. Because the Dud likes blue and stuff. I really miss her and the kids. I'm so pleased, I won't even mind Alexis so much this time, I think. I'm even on the verge of ordering him a present for Christmas. There's this cool hot-dog toaster, and when I suggested it to the Dud, she said she thinks he'll really like it, 'cause apparently he likes kitchen gadgets and stuff. Plus he loves hot dogs. Can't go wrong, can I? However, we've still gotta lot of stuff to do between now and then. Still haven't finished painting the ceiling of the Blue Room, and I've gotta get to it. I've been putting it off for way too long. This weekend and next week will be a whirl of activity around this place, believe me. We're running low on victuals, and high on mess. Two weeks! Eeep!

Oh, but we'll be fine. Sad thing is we haven't even started decorating for Christmas yet. Every year we say we will, and then we never do. Gotta change that this year. I hope we change that this year. As it is, all holidays so far have gone on as just another day in the life. Fourth of July, Angel and Neni's birthdays, Thanksgiving, Halloween... it would be a bummer to ignore Christmas, even if not all of me believes in what it stands for anymore.

15:14Mom just left. For work. Stuff. AND SHE GAVE US OUR POSTER ALL LAMINATED AND SHINY-STUFF!!!! Yes, we are all excited. Jack was so happy, he waved goodbye to her with his foot. JACK HAS NO FOOTSES ONLY TENTACLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, sorry. But you use the Body's feet when all the other limbs are taken and your tentacles wanna express glee or something. YES! SSS-SSSSSSSS!!!!

Now we're gonna put up the poster in our closet somewhere, but I'm still not sure where the perfect spot would be. We have about five posters to put up of assorted superheroes, and limited space to put them up in. We're gonna have to start using the ceiling before they're all up.

Well, we're off. To put up our new poster, and then shower before heading off to work.

Jack wants me to add that we also need to take a crap. And Ninja laughs.

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